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We are beginning the process of offering our online video library.

We already have a good start, but this will become a major portion of the online educational offerings of ILA | IaREIA | TRREIA.   There will be three major categories.

  • Real Estate Wealth Building for RPO’s and PM’s.
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurial Strategies for Success
  • “Nuts and Bolts” of the day to day for operations and maintenance folks — those we entrust to keep the wheels turning on the enterprise.   And if you’re small, that could be you!

If you are a, 1) Property Owner/Investor, 2) Property Manager,  or 3) Real Estate Entrepreneur, this section is being built for you!      We are developing a collection of tips and tricks for operations and maintenance personnel, so if  you have something to share, that might appeal for those who rehab or provide maintenance, we might feature your video in our library!

Below, we offer an example of what we are beginning to provide.  
Recorded at our Fall 2012 Conference on November 14-15, Suann Donavan and Mary Newman, from the Zoning and Neighborhood Inspection Division of the City of Des Moines — our featured speakers for this one-hour presentation.   We had 10 more and have video recordings of most presentations. They are available for purchase, at nominal prices to conference attendees, and a little more for non-attendees.

And this one is from our Oct 18, 2012 meeting with the theme, “Halloween Horrors”.

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