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Vendor Rebates, Discounts & Special Offers

National REIA – Tier-1 Vendors

As a direct result of our long-standing relationship with National REIA (even more significant in 2012 as a “Chapter”), we are able to offer direct benefit programs to our members.

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Vendor Rebates & Discounts

Special programs for members only.
VendorProgram Offered
Click to open then print the PDF file. Or, right click to download and save to your desktop. This program offers a 2% rebate on purchases made at Home Depot -- ONCE YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENT has been recorded into their system. While we process your application, you must verify that you are signed up with THD, and we must verify that your membership is in good standing on an annual basis.

Print the form, complete it, email or fax it back to us (instructions are on the form), then we will transmit to Home Depot. This program remains active for you as long as you are either a member of, 1) Two Rivers REIA of Central Iowa, 2) Iowa Landlord Association, or, 3) IaREIA.
Did you know that whenever you refer someone to IaREIA and they join, you'll receive $20 in REIA bucks -- but like any rebate, you do have to tell us that you were the procuring cause.

Local Vendor Partners

As we develop programs with our Local Vendor Partners, we will post them here.

Local Vendor Rebates & Discounts

VendorProgram Offered
Vendor #1 LogoComing soonest!
Vendor #2 LogoComing sooner!
Vendor #3 LogoComing soon!
Special programs for members only.


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