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TRREIA – 2009

  2009 was a year of transition. We started the year meeting at 900 Des Moines St, moved to Jasper Winery for two or three meetings, and later moved to the RE/MAX Opportunities Building at 2350 NW 128th St. We even moved one meeting back to the Agribusiness Assoc of Iowa building, right in the middle of the meeting! That was exciting... not.
4th Wednesday
Dec 23rd
Meeting postponed until Jan 9thDue to inclimate weather, this meeting was canceled and the presentation will take place on Saturday, Jan 9th. An email message was sent out Dec 22, so I hope you read that before making the trip!

It's not worth risking the drive. The weatherman has been threatening icy conditions from mid-afternoon on. Take the night off. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends.
See you in 2010!
2nd Saturday
Dec 12th
Andrew Lietzow,
Executive Director
"Climb Out of that Rut and Get into Your Groove!"
This presentation will be primarily about developing focus,but will include an overview of the last three years since founding this group; what I've learned and observed from others, from programs, from gurus, from the full-time RE biz, the National REIA cruise -- from folks like Wallace D. Wattles and Marshall Sylver -- and from our members! This will have particular appeal to investors still looking for an area of RE investing on which to focus their RE investing biz, but others should come just for the networking.
4th Wednesday
Nov 25th
No Meeting - You can stay home and bast the Turkey!
2nd Saturday
Nov 14
Ron & Sally BrozeneRon and Sally are from West Burlington, IA and have been investing in RE for over 20 years. They are currently very active with buy & hold properties but also work rehabs. They are expanding their horizons by focusing on the David Lindahl approach to investing in multi-family properties. Ron & Sally will share how they are working with their coach, their insights for today's challenging market, and more as they present, "True Confessions of A West Burlington RE Investing Couple".
4th Wednesday
Oct 28
Entrust Midwest
Todd Grill &
Melissa Twaddle
Chad Molde
Summit Development
& Construction
Two different presentations with some networking before, after, and in between, too!
1) "Understanding and solving the myth of self-directed IRA’s” - Todd Grill, Senior Acct Representative & Melissa Twaddle, President - ENTRUST MIDWEST.
2) Rehabbing - "Set the stage to win before you jump in" or "I own it. Now what?" - Chad Molde - Summit Development & Constuction (Full-time investor, extraordinaire!). Come join us for what promises to be a very informative evening!
2nd Saturday
Oct 10
Ken Tharp1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanging is one of Ken's many areas of expertise. Ken provided us with a terrific presentation on how to use this very easy method of tax-deference to keep your money working for you, all of your investing career! Ken is a vendor sponsor of Two Rivers REIA so be sure to visit him here - Iowa Equity Exchange.
4th Wednesday
Sept 23
Table TopicsTable topics - three different ones so take your pick of subject. Table Topics is our current format for Wednesday night meetings, which is primarily about informal education, networking, and deal making.
2nd Saturday
Sept 12
Round Table Panel"Funding, Funding, Funding" - Lynda Clayton and Alan VandeBerg did a bang-up job at offering a nearly impromptu presentation on various funding options for investors that don't require as many hoops to jump through, as for traditional, conventional type financing. Thank you Lynda and Alan!
2nd Saturday
Aug 8
Michael MorganNote: Meeting Location Change! -- RE/MAX Opportunities - 2350 NW 128th St, Urbandale. Michael Morgan will be our speaker. He is an investor from Fairfield, Iowa and has developed specialized expertise in multi-family properties, been involved in raising private capital through private placements (504(D) exempt securities) to both accredited and non-accredited investors, and he is fresh back from David Lindahl's specialized "Emerging Markets" advanced topics seminar. Michael will be sharing valuation techniques for multi-family investing, with an emphasis on the David Lindahl approach to finding high-quality properties. Expect an informative session!
2nd Saturday
July 11
LIz Nead Liz Nead, from Nead Inspiration, will be presenting a program "Change Your Vision, Change Your Life" at the Jasper Winery - 2400 George Flagg Parkway. Not so much about Real Estate investing as it is about life balance between work and play, "Finding Your Game", "The 1440 Principle", "Creating Your Vision", and "Building a Rock Star Network".
2nd Saturday
June 13
Open"Negotiations 201 - Using Advanced Negotiation Techniques to Create Win-Win Transactions". Presentation will be a panel discussion led by Shawn McAninch, Don Ferguson and Andrew Lietzow -- with lots of time for fielding personal questions. Venue was changed to 900 Des Moines St.
3rd Wednesday
May 20
Table TopicsGeneral networking, pizza and deal sharing until 7:00, then we'll break into "Table Topic" groups. Leaders of these different groups are noted.
Rehabbers and Flippers - Currently Open
Buy & Hold - Roberta McAfee,
Multi-Family - Michael Morgan,
Wholesalers - Alan Vandeberg,
Short-Sales - Currently Open
I expect we'll have a facilitator/moderator for each group who has experience in that area. This format is a work in progress, so be patient. :^) This is our last Wednesday night meeting until September.
May 9
(Note: This is the 2nd Saturday)
First Annual TRREIA Conference - featuring Larry Goins and Pete YoungsPlease visit the Conference Registration page for full details.

Our Conference took place at the Holiday Inn, Airport Conference Center in Des Moines on May 9th, from 8:00 until 4:30. It included an "Ugly Ducklings" bus tour and a plated banquet. Whoo Hoo! It's over.
April 15
Cathy NelsonOwner and Real Estate Property Management Consultant - Red Maple Management. Title to be announced but I imagine Property Management issues will be the focus.
April 4
Robb Spearman, Broker with RE/MAX Real Estate ConceptsRobb Spearman founded RE/MAX RE Concepts in 2003. He has several years of RE Brokerage experience working extensively with Bank-owned properties, both prior to and after foreclosure. RE Concepts has become a powerhouse in the Des Moines market, with all residential sales but has developed a particularly strong niche with REO's. A dedicated team of RE agents and very capable staff assists banks in their efforts to move properties off their books and into the hands of new owners.

Robb will present "Real World REO investing -- How Banks, Brokers and Investors Create Win-Win-Win Transactions in a TARP-Economy", or something to that effect.

Please note: Today we begin meeting at a new location for our Saturday morning meetings. Instead of feeling cramped, now we're (likely) going to feel like a small group in a very large space! Jasper Winery, at 2400 George Flagg Parkway will become our Saturday morning home base. Now is a good time to bring a guest!
March 18
General NetworkingWe won't have a formal presentation tonight. Instead, we'll have a brief general meeting to bring us up to speed on how to access the shared Contractor and Materials databases, then break into subgroups and focus on issues specific to different RE investing specializations. I expect we'll have groups for rehabbers, short sales, multi-family, and buy & hold. If you have deals to offer, bring flyers or hand-outs. If you want deals, you might find something here tonight!
March 7
Matthew Smith (& possibly Paul Gengler) of S & G InvestmentsMatt and Paul have been very active rehabber's in the City of Des Moines for several years. They typically rehab several dozen houses each year and take on projects both "cosmetic only" and "Gut to the studs and start all over". I've personally been trying to recruit Matt to do a presentation for months and months - no years! -- and now that he's consented this is a time you'll want to bring a notebook! Look here for more info -- then join us! !
Feb 18, 2009
Jim Edwards, Accountant, The 1040 Company - Traer, IAJim Edwards is going to knock our socks off with a presentation on Real Estate Investment accounting and why you need to build a SOLID foundation for tracking on what happened, why it happened, how much it costs, and whether you are maintaining profitability in your operation; all with the aid of Quickbooks and a possible add-in that he has designed to allow Quickbooks to work for buy and hold investors.

Jim has over 30 years of a varied background, primarily focused around accounting and business building. I think you can count on lots of Q & A time and benefits that will more than offset your investment of time from attending tonight!
Something to consider - The National REIA Cruise!Last year's cruise helped Andrew to learn that Larry Goins and Pete Youngs would be great picks as speakers at our 2009 Annual Convention. The Lincoln, NE REIA Group had five attendees and we had only one! Come join me for a fantastic learning experience, right in the middle of an Iowa winter!

Here is a testimonial from Tom Zeeb, and others, on why going on the National REIA cruise will help RE Investors, at all levels, to either get their RE Investing career going, or to open your vision to even greater possibilities.
Feb 7, 2009
"Real World Rehabbing" - Lynda ClaytonLynda Clayton is going to lead the meeting today. She'll be orchestrating this meeting any way she likes, as Andrew is out of town for the National REIA convention -- whoo hoo!

The inside scoop from Lynda is she may just invite folks to see her rehab project in Desoto. And, be sure to ask about our latest collaboration effort using Google Docs, for our active members.

If you're into rehabbing, you won't want to miss this meeting. I have a feeling there will be a lot more networking after the general meeting, maybe even a chance to promote YOUR deals!
Jan 21, 2009!
"Rehabbing - Sweat the Details!" - Andrew LietzowWe're going to focus on "Plan" tonight, in a continuation of "Visualize, Plan, Execute!". We'll start off by reviewing the Rehab Detailed Cost Input Screen" of the Flipper's Cash Flow Analyzer, then segue into adding know costs into the template, then morph into adding contractors into the Resource database of OpenProj, a freely downloadable software tool.

I'll be asking members and guests to help us quickly build a contractors database, and we'll make this available to members, in either spreadsheet or OpenProj(ect) format.

It's an ambitious goal, but Rehabber's have to "Sweat the Details!"
Jan 3, 2009!
Visualize, Plan, Execute! - Andrew Lietzow We're going to kick off 2009, for the Two Rivers REIA group, with a presentation by your founder, coupled with lots of interaction from the group. I'll flesh out more details soon, but I want those attending to bring their best goal planning resources to the meeting and I'll kick off the meeting with a presentation, followed up with your interactive input. I want to flesh out some goals for the group, as well as help others visualize, plan, and then --- execute for 2009!

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