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TRREIA – 2008

Dec 6th
John Prohaska, CRMI
Our presentation will be about that seemingly ubiquitous microbe invading showers, baths, basements, drywall, paint walls, carpets, even lumber. Many REO properties contain some form of mold, from minor to pervasive.

John is a property inspector has a specialized skill set in mold identification and will share information regarding techniques for remediation. John Prohaska owns J&P Inspection and is the "go-to guy" for many property inspectors when their clients have questions about mold.
Nov 19th
Swaim Appraisal ServicesSwaim Appraisal Services has been serving Central Iowa's real estate appraisal needs for over 30 years. Their presentation will be short but offer plenty of time for Q & A. Check out their website if you like, then plan to bring your questions!

We'll have pizza around 7:00PM, so you won't starve if you come straight to the meeting. We're back to 900 Des Moines St.
Nov 1
Specialist from David Lindahl's Organization(The event is over and feedback was very positive! Hip-hip!)

David Seymour, will be our presenter for two exciting investment seminars. An overview for what he will teach is posted here. The event is scheduled for the John & Mary Pappajohn Education Center, from 8:00AM - 1:00PM.

Here are two articles which David has offered, so you can get a feel for what will be covered.
Emerging Real Estate Markets and How To Use Them
The Most Profitable Investment In Real Estate

You can register for this exciting seminar here -- at our Registration Page!
Oct 4
Dirk Dixon from Baker & Associates, LLPDirk Dixon will be presenting "Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors" -- a broad agenda of how accounting properly for real estate assets can help maximize ROI.
August 2
Rehabbers Field Workshop - Several teams of 3, or more, in each group. We're going to rewind and try again on a "Rehabber's Dream or Nightmare" contest -- but with a twist. We're going to attempt to put the whole thing together in 1-1.5 hours! We'll split into groups, with team leaders like last time, but this time we're going to write up the Scope of Work proposal and put numbers to it like we had to have the info ready by Monday morning at 9:00, to get the loan pre-approved and submit the Offer to Buy before noon, as though you would be competing against several other investors.

There will be some kind of prizes awarded that day, but I haven't figured out just what yet, or how to declare the winners. Send me ideas!
July 12
Field Trip - Habitat for Humanity "ReStore"We'll meet there (2341 2nd Ave) then Beth Gibbins, ReStore Outreach Coordinator, will give us the low down on how to save money and find building materials to solve problems! The selection has improved dramatically over the years. I think investors may be surprised by what the recycling-oriented ReStore has to offer.
June 7
Scott Lineberry & Guest Speaker - IRA funded RE InvestingIt's becoming more and more popular to hold real estate for investment in an IRA. This always requires administration from a third party. Learn more, today!
May 21
Ron Brady - Contractor Licensing - Iowa Workforce Development &
a Summary of TRREIA mission - Andrew Lietzow
This is our last Wednesday meeting before the summer break! Ron Brady from IA Workforce Development will present some info about registering as a contractor in the State of Iowa -- who needs to, who doesn't, etc. He says the presentation will last 20-25 minutes.

Afterwards, we'll close out our year with a presentation on what we've offered for RE education and networking in the last year -- everything from SOW on rehabbing to CAP Rate and DSCR Analysis, to how to find good, reasonably priced contractors -- all in 30 minutes or less. Then we'll turn the floor over to our members for an informal round table of discussion regarding our mission and setting some goals for next year.
May 3
John Borzellino - The Roman Group - from CaliforniaMr. Borzellino will offer his "Perspective Change" presentation. He will help us look at ways to think outside the box, including ways to double your income using Lease/Purchase Options.

John Borzellino has almost three decades of experience consulting one on one with clients in over 60 major cities in 20 states. He has written 5 books.

NOTE: Speaker had to cancel - family emergency. We'll make lemonade from lemons!
April 16
Mike Wrenn - Renovator's Insurance IncMike Wrenn, CEO & President - Wrenn Insurance Companies and Paul Struxness, Senior V.P. Renovator's Insurance will be here to provide the latest info on remodeler's Insurance.
April 5
Chad Molde - Summit Development & ConstructionContinuation of previous Saturday "Rehabbers Field Trip" with a presentation from Chad. I don't know for sure whether he'll want us to exchange (tax free, of course) our pens and paper for a nail gun, but a project he's working on will be analyzed from a Fixer/Rehabber's point of view. Maybe we should be taping you, Chad? Move over!
March 19
Ken Tharp - Iowa Equity ExchangeKen will be doing a presentation on "The 1031 Exchange", providing some insight on this magical tool that allows tax deferral -- for your entire life -- on buy & hold real estate investments. I'm twisting his arm to delve into reverse exchanges, with some detail. Bring your questions!
March 1
Fixer/Flipper Field TripBring your thinking cap! We're going to Ankeny (after about 30 minutes of networking), on a "Rehabbers Field Trip". I'll distribute clip boards, paper, and a template for this "Fixer Project". Volunteer participants will develope a SOW statement -- and maybe we'll devise some kind of a contest. Don't miss this if you're interested in Flips, Fixers or Rehabs.
Wednesday, Feb 20Free Form NetworkingNetworking, expanding on contractors list, possibly a revisit of the Flipper's Cash Flow Analyzer
Feb 2
Free Form NetworkingDIscussion of setting "SMART" goals and how the Reticular Activation System may sabotage our efforts to make necessary changes.
Jan 16
Scott Lineberry
Mortgage Loan Officer
Scott will be providing details on a "Conventional Rehab Financing" loan package which Capital Mortgage is offering, including underwriting requirements for investor rehab loans. Seems to be well-suited for fixers and flips, so bring your questions!
NOTE: Location has been changed to our SATURDAY location! SEE BELOW.
Jan 5, 2008!
Kristine Corcoran Frye -
Attorney at Law
Because of the ice storm on Dec 1, we've reinvited Kristine to speak on "The Importance of Having Your RE Team in Place" with a special emphasis on some complicated closing services which she offers. Kick off the new year right!

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