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State Level Lobbying

One of the major responsibilities of associations with a statewide focus, is to keep our eye on legislation which impacts Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Entrepreneurs when implemented into the Iowa Code.   As our lobbyist tells us below, each year, we need to play both defense and offense, or face the consequences of other groups eroding our bundle of “rights”.

Everything we do has a statewide focus first, then a focus on local municipalities.    This order of priorities is fundamental to our mission and gives us a very long range perspective.

We provide here a portal to this mission critical justification for our existence.  We keep our focus on the big picture, while helping to empower members in different municipalities all across Iowa to organize and protect their right to invest and expect a reasonable profit, when that investment or Real Estate entrepreneurial business, is well-managed.

It is through this statewide focus that we are reborn every single year, just prior to the commencement of a another “Session” of the Iowa General Assembly.  While municipalities have “sessions” of their city councils all year long, the Iowa General Assembly chooses to work intensively for but four to five months per year.   It seems like they condense a year’s worth of work into that time frame.   (e.g. Here is a link to the Bills Sponsored in just the 2012, by one Representative, Chip Baltimore.  There are 49! Here is another list, for Pam Jochum — 50!)

It can be a little overwhelming, yet fortunately, our focus can be rather narrow each year.   We may be able to focus on just 4 or 5, or we may be able to stretch to 8 or 10, but our primary goal is to be effective, then efficient.    That’s where our personal education on some of the process can prove helpful.

This page is designed to help our members learn more about the “L” in the acronym “ELM” — which stands for “Education, Legislation, and Marketing”.     These are the critical elements of the association that your leadership constantly focuses upon, to ensure your annual dues are put to good use.

For those who come to meetings frequently, you probably know all about what is posted here.  For the other 90% of our members, this could provide useful.    Please let us know of any feedback you might have, and what else should be posted.  Or, if something that is posted,  should not be, let us know that, as well.

Membership Statistics and Demographics

YTD Membership Statistics – 2012

50-Senate Districts Demographics

100-House Districts Demographics

State Level Lobbying – About Joe Kelly our contract Lobbyist.

Legislative Overview from Joe Kelly – April 19, 2012

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Legislative Overview – Jan 19, 2012

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