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Service & Emotional Support Animals vs Pets

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Below we offer a link to a MS-Powerpoint on this topic from the ICRC (Iowa Civil Rights Commission) regarding proper procedures when dealing with an applicant’s request for the Landlord to allow a Service or Emotional Support Animal to reside in a unit they would like to rent.

There is information about “reasonable accommodation” for access to those residents who are the subject of the ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act.

There are two kinds of non-pet animals, for which reasonable accommodation must be made:

  • Service Animals, which are trained animals that serve a specific purpose, such as seeing-eye dogs.
  • Emotional Support Animals, which sometimes get called companion animals, which is technically incorrect.   As if life and landlording were not complicated enough, rental property owners and managers need to know which is which!  

Here is a FACTSHEET from ICRC which provides more detail to these Fair Housing Amendments of 1988.   NOTE: Pay particular attention to the paragraph that startsLandlords cannot:

Click to view this MS-Powerpoint presentation from the ICRC.  (NOTE: You may have to right click and choose “Open in Google Docs Viewer”, or other viewing software.  Or you may need to download first, then view).

We have posted a video to Youtube of a training session from Don Grove, with the ICRC on Service Animals and about “reasonable accommodation”, which for compliance with ADA is mandatory for rental property owners.

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