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1Carpentry WorkDSMPurscell Construction(515) 265-4314
2Carpentry WorkDSMMettille Construction - Lindsay(515) 689-50742 Rivers Member - They bring LOTS of Experience to the job!
3Carpentry WorkDSMDowney's Superior Repairs(515) 264-0011
4Carpentry WorkDSMChad Peterson(515) 577-9975
5Carpentry WorkDSMPrestige Builders(515) 778-9682
6Carpentry WorkDSMCharlie Goodall - Finish Carpentry(515) 987-1593
7Carpentry WorkDSMGene Scott(515) 490-0643
8Carpentry WorkDSMBoisen Construction(515) 240-2643
9Carpentry WorkDSMWalsh Carpentry Services - Matt(515) 778-4132Good work, timely (Andrew Lietzow)
10Carpentry WorkDSMDean Paulsen & Sons Contractors(515) 279-3792
11Carpet CleaningDSMCarpet Pro - Kurt Knox(515) 222-0091
12Carpet CleaningDSMService Master West(515) 274-9109
13Carpet CleaningDSMSteamatic of Central Iowa(515) 270-8641
14Carpet CleaningDSMTer's Carpet & Upholstery Care(515) 729-3444
15Carpet CleaningDSMClean Sweep(515) 965-2460
16Carpet CleaningDSMCarpet One(515) 278-6305
17Carpet CleaningDSMJim Epp - Complete Carpet Care(515) 277-2005
18Carpet CleaningDSMJose Gonzales - Lorenzo's Carpet(515) 867-1013
19Carpet CleaningDSMDream Steam(515) 964-9213ILA Vendor Partner
20Carpet CleaningDSMDavid Shank's Carpet Cleaning(515) 771-2691Recommended by Several Landlords
21Carpet CleaningDSMBest Carpet Cleaning - Dennis Juran, Owner(515) 577-9274Great work, great rates (Andrew Lietzow)
22Carpet CleaningDSMCarpet Master(515) 255-7775
23Concrete - DecorativeDSMBenway Concrete(515) 989-0394
24Concrete FlatworkDSMSolis Concrete - Arturo Solis(515) 243-0382(515) 326-1964Des MoinesGreat work, typically reasonable price. (Andrew Lietzow)
25Concrete FlatworkDSM* CTI of Central Iowa(641) 746-2238
26Concrete FlatworkDSMTK Concrete - Pella(641) 628-4590
27Concrete FlatworkDSMKen's Concrete(515) 327-5049
28Concrete FlatworkDSMThatcher(515) 270-2900
29Concrete FlatworkDSMPrestige Builders(515) 778-9682
30Concrete FlatworkDSMTom & Tom Construction(515) 249-5557
31Concrete FlatworkDSMEd Davis/Steve Carson(515) 999-6440
32Concrete FlatworkDSMHills Brothers Asphalt - Ronnie Hills(515) 266-2954Flatwork looks excellent. That's all I know. (Andrew Lietzow)
33Concrete FlatworkDSMBehanish Enterprises - Kirk Behanish (515) 289-1481
35Concrete FlatworkDSMMike Frahm Concrete(515) 249-6135(515) 462-3803
36Concrete FlatworkDSMDwayne Troyer Concrete (641) 344-4945Does excellent work at fair price. Good clean guys. (Joel Royer)
37Concrete FoundationsDSMCaruth Construction (Foundations)(515) 268-8762(515) 203-0450Professional, reasonable rates, in and out quick. (Andrew Lietzow)
38Concrete FoundationsAMENorthland Foundations, LLC-Joe O'Brien(515) 520-7659AmesAmes is home base (Reasonable and quick! ACL)
39Concrete FoundationsDSMPenick Foundations - Corwin (515) 996-2795(515) 202-6790
40Concrete FoundationsDSMMoriarty Construction - Brad Moriarty(515) 208-8011
41Concrete FoundationsDSMAdvance Concrete - Mike Pardubsky(515) 537-0856
42Concrete on DemandDSMCalculated Concrete - Daniel Bray(641) 202-5006Mixed onsite. Small minimums! (Andrew Lietzow)
43CountertopsDSMTops Plus - Jeff Fanning (515) 208-1895 MoinesReferred by Steve Jones. Call Steve for the number?
44Drywall DSMTom Egli - All Around Drywall & Plaster(515) 707-6131 by Audrene Hansen
45Drywall DSMJose Benavidez/Armando Avnos(515) 783-0964Drywall Hanging (no tape?) They hang drywall fast! (Contributor Unknown, but thanks!)
46Drywall CFWIowa Wall Systems (319) 296-1663 from John Dutcher
47DumpstersDSMAcme Rolloff (515) 244-9000 Moines
48DumpstersDSMRoll-offs of Des Moines (515) 564-0279 Moines$225/30 Yard container + $33/ton (Old Quote)
49DumpstersDSMMorgan Oaks Roll-Offs(515) 967-6766
51Electrical WorkDSMMickle Electric & Heating(515) 261-0058
53Electrical WorkDSMTesdell Electric(515) 289-4000Des MoinesAudrene Hansen Recommends
56Electrical WorkDSMKeul Electric - Dick(515) 285-4250Des Moines
57Electrical WorkDSMTeppert Electric - Bill Teppert(515) 779-5308Des MoinesSeems to be available, reasonable rates. (Andrew Lietzow)
58Electrical WorkDSMMurphy Electric - Tim Murphy(515) 577-3827(515) 577-3827Des MoinesDoes good work, south sider. (ACL)
59Electrical WorkDSMStewart Electric - Todd, Owner(515) 967-8877(515) 238-8108 MoinesBondurant. 20 years in business, used for 10. (Contributor unknown, but thanks!)
61Electrical WorkDSMAmp Electric(515) 494-9095Des MoinesNorwalk. Does good electrical work at a reasonable rate. (Joel Royer)
62Equipment Rental DSMStar Equipment - Roger(515) 283-2215Good Folks! (Andrew Lietzow)
63Equipment Rental DSMContractor's Rental(515) 244-8625
64ExcavatingDSMBrown's Dirt Work - Matt Brown(515) 282-0203Great guy, good rates. (Andrew Lietzow)
65ExcavatingDSMThorpe Excavating - Joel Thorpe(515) 202-0224
66ExcavatingDSMKurt Hesse - Advantage Homes(515) 208-7777Does good work, has own equipment. Can do more than excavation (licensed plumber, for gas lines). Andrew L.
67Floor CoveringDSMPhillips' Floors, Inc.(515) 964-0454
68Floor CoveringDSMHome Depot(515) 221-2233https://homedepot.comCarpeting & Flooring
69Floor CoveringDSMProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings(515) 612-7276
70Floor CoveringDSMInterior Floor Solutions - Dan Hageman(515) 822-3677
72Floor CoveringDSMCarpet One(515) 344-4943(515) 650-9355
74Floor CoveringDSMNebraska Furniture Mart(515) 727-6500
75Floor CoveringDSMLouie's Floor Covering(515) 243-8608 MoinesLandlords friend! Old-fashioned good service. (Andrew Lietzow)
76Floor CoveringDSMFamily Discount Store(515) 282-9443Des MoinesFlooring & Mistinted or Overstock Paint, too! Measured & installed in one day (Julie Hiatt)
77Floor CoveringDSMZeroni Flooring - Brad Zeroni(515) 556-9704Des MoinesDoes Good work (Contributor unknown, but thanks!)
80General ContractorCFWC & J Construction (712) 476-9104Cedar Falls
81General ContractorDSMRob Doerhoff - R & D Builders(515) 262-5060(515) 491-8113Rob does great work. Member, Contractor, Investor -- and keeps in touch! (ACL)
82General ContractorDSMAdam Sieren - Premier Construction Services(515) 669-4905Quality you deserve at a price you can afford (ACL)
84General ContractorDSMKirk Behanish - Behanish Enterprises(515) 289-1481Great builder, currently reasonable rates. (ACL)
85General ContractorDSMCovers Construction - Joe Cover(515) 202-6351Good, honest, skilled contractor. (Joel Royer)
86General ContractorDSMHome Improvement Specialists - Tom Wiederin(515) 577-5187Good, fast work. (Joel Royer)
87Gutter CleaningDSMJay's Services - Jay Gustafson(515) 205-1985(All I have is a flyer. Don't know anything more about him - Andrew L)
88GuttersDSMNational Gutter Systems & Exteriors (515) 989-2070(515) 419-1089's Cell - Roberta says windows, siding and gutters - good prices, great work
89GuttersDSMGingrich Gutters (641) 414-7580Beautiful seamless guttering and downspouts very reasonable. Good guys. (Joel Royer)
90GuttersDSMCustom Gutters(641) 792-9841(641) 521-9841Recommended by Jeanie Murphy
92HandymanDSMTerry Hall - Hall Design(515) 865-4434CliveReviews are all Good!
93HandymanDSMRob Julander(515) 556-0716AltoonaNew Vendor Partner. Needing some customer testimonials.
94HandymanDSMHome Pros(515) 299-5050
95HandymanDSMHandyman Matters(515) 279-7575Temp Disconnected (1/28/09 According to Sean Crow's Client)
96HandymanDSMMid State Mechanical(515) 669-1724
97HandymanDSMBoisen Construction(515) 240-2643
98HandymanDSMRedman Remodeling - Jim Gieseke(515) 277-6951Des MoinesJim has been my RHM for 7 years. Outstanding. Usually $30-35/hr. (Andrew Lietzow)
99HandymanDSMAmerican Handyman(515) 270-8000
100HandymanDSMGliem Renovation(515) 251-6874
101HandymanDSMOfir Carmi(515) 975-7463Des MoinesOfir is both an investor and a contractor (Andrew Lietzow)
102HandymanDSMShane Kruegler(515) 554-0017Years in business -12, personally known 2.(Contributor unknown, but thanks!)
103HandymanDSMChet Davis - Lives 45 minutes west of DSM(515) 480-2006(515) 386-8082Years in business - 15, personally known 4. (Contributor unknown, but thanks!)
104HandymanDSMHandyman Plus(515) 554-5479billshandymanplus@yahoo.comBill Hepworth- personally known, trustworthy, great work, remodeling etc. (Jeremy Heilskov)
105HaulingDSMDon's Bullwinkle Trucking (515) 249-6733Independent Hauler (15 ton truck). Small job? Don's your man! (Andrew Lietzow)
106HaulingDSMON HOLD!-Jermaine's Hauling - House Trashouts, & more(515) 262-5427
107HVACDSMGreens Appliance, Heating & Cooling(515) 323-0680Dan's Cell Phone? Vendor Partner with good reviews on new installs!
108HVACDSMWyckoff Industries(515) 287-6000
109HVACDSMJay Fries - Fries Heating & Cooling(515) 681-7155Handyman on HVAC - but now is licensed! Good to know! (Andrew Lietzow)
110HVACDSMDiest Heating & Cooling(515) 208-0388
111HVACDSMFini Conditioned Air(515) 262-9694
112HVACDSMAdel/Winterset TV & Appliance(515) 993-4287
113HVACDSMMickle Plumbing(515) 261-0058
114HVACDSMMihalovich Plumbing(515) 246-7171
115HVACDSMHolt (515) 278-0000 Des MoinesAudrene Hansen Recommends
116HVACDSMDayton Heating & Cooling(515) 278-1721Steve or Jim Dayton, Owner
117Insulation DSMDan Haugen (515) 770-1870Referred by John Biggs
118Interior CleaningDSMCottage Care(515) 243-1004
119Interior CleaningDSMDawn Jackson(515) 989-4180
120Interior CleaningDSMMolly Maid(515) 964-4111
121Interior CleaningDSMJJ's Cleaning(515) 243-1020
122Interior CleaningDSMHome Maids(515) 707-1345
123Interior CleaningDSMCall Me Crazy - Chrissy(515) 993-4353
124Interior CleaningDSMEarth Made Clean - Lora(515) 710-6416Eco-friendly and very good (Julie Hiatt)
125LandscapingDSMDes Moines Landscapes, L.C.(515) 255-0022
126LandscapingDSMTNT Landscaping(515) 965-1206
127LandscapingDSMEvergreen(515) 203-0898
128LandscapingDSMDream Scape(515) 331-1954
129LandscapingDSMFreshcut Lawn Care(515) 201-8023
130LandscapingDSMEarl May(515) 225-6412
131LandscapingDSMGlaser Lawn Care(515) 244-4564
132LandscapingDSMHousewatchers Plus(515) 224-9689
133LandscapingDSMThompson Lawn & Landscape(515) 208-4099
134LandscapingDSMLounsbury Landscaping(515) 867-7645
135Lawn CareDSMJay's Services - Jay Gustafson(515) 205-1985(Most lawns $35.00)
136Lawn CareDSMSteve Krugler(515) 554-0017Very Reasonable
137Lawn CareDSMJeff's Lawn Care - Jeff Hawbaker(515) 782-7297Nice work, reasonable. (Joel Royer)
138Masonry DSMO'Brien Masonry - Mike O'Brien(515) 279-4072Does stucco repair (Julie Hiatt)
139PaintingDSMGary Lewis Painting - Vendor Partner(515) 250-180434-years of Experience. (Andrew L. - used and abused, several times - Does great work!)
140PaintingDSMDerek Veldhouse - Vendor Partner(515) 770-4100Metro Property Services, LLC - Painting among other things (need testimonial!)
141PaintingDSMCory Grant(515) 208-2663
142PaintingDSMMike See(515) 554-8482
143PaintingDSMEbert Paint(515) 243-5634
144PaintingDSMJB's Painting, Etc.(515) 490-0380
145PaintingDSMEd Passick(515) 779-9856
146PaintingDSMNed's Painting(515) 243-2001
147PaintingDSMBoisen Construction(515) 240-2643
148PaintingDSMBob Loney(515) 266-4694East Des Moines
149PaintingDSMC.J. Painting - Celso Lopez, Painter(515) 822-9734Used alot, does a nice job. (Contributor - Unknown, but thanks!)
150PaintingDSMMid-Iowa Painting - Terry Howard(515) 202-8738Personally known 10 years. (Contributor - Unknown, but thanks!)
151PlumbingDSMBill Rhiners Plumbing & Heating (515) 987-1800(515) 225-7373
152PlumbingDSMAccurate Plumbing(515) 957-8217None FoundBondurantRecommended by Greg Huff
153PlumbingDSMR & D Plumbing(515) 967-3957None FoundAltoona
154PlumbingDSMCook Plumbing(515) 225-9532 Des MoinesGood to Exceptionally good, but spendy. If you count the 1-year warranty on repairs, they might just be worth the cost, in a pinch. (Andrew Lietzow)
155PlumbingDSMH & H(515) 277-5755
156PlumbingDSMGolden Rule(888) 986-2424, Indianola
157PlumbingDSMHolt Plumbing(515) 278-0000 Des MoinesAudrene Hansen Recommends
158PlumbingDSMSchlievert Plumbing(515) 279-1513
159PlumbingDSMH2O Plumbing - Jeff Dubois(515 556-4925None FoundDes Moines
160PlumbingDSMPorter Plumbing, LLC - Eric Sieren(515) 707-2580 MoinesMarva McCarty - Good to Great!
161PlumbingDSMVan Ryswyk Heating & Cooling(641) 259-2054 - Lyn Ghormley Recommends
162PlumbingDSMGreenwoods Sewer Service(515) 285-9713 for video inspections on sewer lines, at reasonable prices! Originally referred by Lindsay Mettile (Andrew Lietzow).
163PlumbingDSMRick Holland - Not Licensed, Casual Labor(515) 988-3566(515) 988-3566Des MoinesHave used on occasion. Used to come to meetings. Reasonable and prompt. Andrew L.
164PlumbingDSMHerr Plumbing(515) 223-9643 Moines, WintersetNice work. Reasonable. (Joel Royer)
165PlumbingDSMRay's Plumbing(515) 287-4179None FoundDes MoinesRay Garneau (getting up there in years. Still in business?)
166Property InspectionsKNXPark Woodle - Home Check (641) 891-2335(641) 891-2335Knoxville
167Property InspectionsDSMNPI - Jamie Stoulil(515) 989-4268(515) 202-6946Great guy, excellent reports (in color!) - $225?. Used several times. Does commercial, too. (Andrew Lietzow) (Ditto-Julie Hiatt)
168Property InspectionsDSMHawkeye Home Inspections - Bill(515) 778-9663(515) 229-2837Whole House Inspections - $225. Radon, Termites, and treatment. Great Job! (Contributor unknown, but thanks!)
169Property InspectionsDSMIowa State Home Inspections - Dave(515) 783-8241I use him for all my retail buyers, does: mold, radon, termite and indoor air quality (Sean Crow)
170Property InspectionsDSMKen Thomas - TAG Inspections(515) 393-9407Recommended by Greg Hugg
171Roofing RepairDSMJesse Clere(515) 867-0746
172Roofing RepairDSMMatt Albright(515) 988-4751
173Roofing RepairDSMJay Boss Construction(515) 967-4974
174Roofing RepairDSMPrestige Builders(515) 778-9682Number doesn't work anymore (1/28/09 According to Sean Crow's Client)
175Roofing RepairDSMBryan Parson(515) 975-1795
176Roofing RepairDSMBoisen Construction(515) 240-2643
177Roofing RepairDSMDeever Roofing(515) 262-7280These guys can be all over the board on quotes. One time they are super reasonable, the next they're in the stratosphere. But word is, they always do quality work. And when it comes to roofing, don't chu know that quality counts! (Andrew Lietzow
178Staging ConsultantDSMSandra Mrachina - A Home Above(515) 339-4451
179Staging ConsultantDSMArtistic Attitude(515) 225-8647
181Staging ConsultantDSMRoomScapes Home Staging(515) 669-6636
183Staging ConsultantDSMAndriano Homes, L.L.C.(515) 991-3319Home Staging at a reasonable rate. Good work. (Joel Royer)
184Storage FacilityDSMPublic Mini Storage, Inc.(515) 270-1966
185Storage FacilityDSMHeartland Storage(515) 957-0778
186Storage FacilityDSMBudget Storage(515) 262-7628
187Storage FacilityDSMFleur Mini Storage(515) 287-0082
188Storage FacilityDSMAnkeny Mini Storage(515) 965-9321
189Storage FacilityDSMCapital City Mini Storage(515) 262-7688
190Structural EngineerDSMAnderson Contracting - Jerome Anderson(515) 262-3614(515) 240-6674
192Structural EngineerDSMKen White Engineering(515) 727-1702JohnstonCame pretty quick (ACL). Provides great work (to meet stringent Lender demands).
193Structural EngineerDSMDale Smith - (515) 283-0069
194Tile WorkDSMBAD!-Samir Dizdarevic-Colonial Construction (515) 202-6297Originally referred to Samir by Louie's. His company does good work, reasonable prices -- But .. HE can't be trusted! (A Lietzow has used him)
195Tile WorkDSMM.K. Malik - Emir Malik(515) 664-2727Messy but great rates and quality work! (Andrew Lietzow - has contracted with him before)
196Trash ServiceDSM1-800-Got Junk?(800) 468-5865
197Trash ServiceDSMPat Ross Hauling - House Cleanouts (REO's)(515) 720-3188Does a lot of clean-outs on REO's (Andrew Lietzow)
199Trash ServiceDSMMcCarger Property Preservation(515) 577-3646
200Trash ServiceDSMON HOLD!-Jermaine McGregor (Jermaine's Hauling)(515) 262-5427
201Tree WorkDSMWright Tree Care Company(515) 987-3666
202Tree WorkDSMA Plus Landscaping(515) 288-4320
203Tree WorkDSMTimberline(515) 229-3836
204Tree WorkDSMYard Worx - Mark Shepard(515) 771-8005(All I know is name and ph # - Andrew Lietzow)
205Tree WorkDSMJay's Services - Jay Gustafson(515) 205-1985(All I have is a flyer. Don't know anything more about him).
206Tree WorkDSMGary's Tree Service(515) 289-2778
207Tree WorkDSMLumber Jack Tree Service(515) 777-5292Recommendation from a neighborhood blog. (ACL)
208Window CleaningDSMLarry's Window Service(515) 244-0560Des Moines
209Window CleaningDSMWindow Genie(515) 440-3300
210Window CleaningDSMAlan's Window(515) 287-5724
211Window CleaningDSMMorris Construction(515) 279-3587
212Window CleaningDSMCall Me Crazy(515) 993-4353
213Windows - InstallationDSMClear Choice Siding, Windows, Doors(515) 277-6256UrbandaleCheap replacement windows. Last time I used them it was $185 per window installed up to a certain (large) size. (Joel Royer)
214Windows - InstallationDSMCentral Iowa Builders(515) 971-7435 Peterson - Audrene Hansen Highly Recommends - Siding, Windows, Decks
215Concrete FlatworkDSMBrittain & Son(515) 277-8523Des Moines
216HaulingDSMPat Ross (515) 720-3188Does REO Trashouts, Hauling
217Key ServiceDSMPat Ross (515) 720-3188Rekeying & Winterization
218Siding ContractorsDSMNational Gutter Systems & Exteriors(515) 989-2070's Cell - Roberta says windows, siding and gutters - good prices, great work
219Windows - InstallationDSMNational Gutter Systems & Exteriors(515) 989-2070's Cell - Roberta says windows, siding and gutters - good prices, great work
220Siding ContractorsDSMCentral Iowa Builders(515) 971-7435 Peterson - Audrene Hansen Highly Recommends - Siding, Windows, Decks
221Storage FacilityOSKOskaloosa Mini Warehouses & Storage(641) 673-5890(515) 225-9036 Facility managed by Aterra