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RE Investor and Iowa Landlord Training Videos Available Here

We’ve just opened up our “Training Video Store” (finally found a good video editing tool).   We already have thousands invested, yet we all must start at the beginning.    We’ll soon have more and one day, we expect to have an extensive library of excellent training aids.

Though we’re just getting started, we believe you’ll find outstanding value.  That will be especially true if you missed the original presentation at one of our conferences.

For little more than the cost of an entertainment video, our viewers can learn tips and tricks for rental property owners, managers, and RE Investors to help make, or save, thousands!

Once you watch, we’d love it if you send a testimonial.

Training DVD Videos

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DVD#1 - Don Grove, ICRCThis one-hour DVD is outstanding for training. Don Grove is an excellent presenter. Topics covered: 1) Service and Emotional Support Animals, 2) Reasonable Accommodation in rental property issues. Pick from drop down. We check regarding current membership, so please pick the correct purchase price.

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