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City of DSM Rental Code Meetings

Press Release – NID Public meeting For those who own or manage rentals within the jurisdiction of the City of Des Moines, heads up!

  • WHAT: Two public meetings regarding rental code enforcement
  • WHO:  Community Development Department, Neighborhood Inspection Zoning Division (Open to Landlords, Property Managers & the Public)
  • WHERE: City of Des Moines City Council Chambers, 400 Robert D. Ray Dr, Des Moines, IA 50309
  • WHEN: March 15, 2016 at 5:30 and 7:00 pm 

For more information, contact Shekinah Young, Interim Chief Communications Officer for the City of Des Moines at (515) 283-4057.


Day on the Hill 2016 is Wednesday

Room 304, 10:00. Always an interesting event that gives us a read on General Assembly priorities vs. Real Estate Investor priorities. All members welcome!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors take Center Stage in SSB 3017

On Wednesday, February 10:

“The Senate State Government subcommittee meeting is set for an open meeting regarding SSB 3017, for 11:50 a.m. (scheduled for only 20 minutes), on Wednesday, February 10th in Room 206″.  — From Joe Kelly.

Here is a link to an interview conducted with Don Johnson, a native Iowan and the driving force behind this initiative.  (Note: Some browsers see the player below, and some do not.  If you don’t see the player, just clink the hypertext link).


This State Government committee is made up of Sen. Jeff Danielson, Chair (Black Hawk), Sen. Rick Bertrand (Woodbury), and Sen. Wally Horn (Linn) who serve on the subcommittee.   We believe it is very likely it will pass out of the subcommittee and that it is not necessary to stop what you are doing to attend the meeting, but do send your views to Joe ( or Andrew (

Your Lobbyists for the Association, both Joe Kelly and Andrew Lietzow, have registered “Undecided” on the bill and expect to be at the meeting.

Currently, I (Andrew) sought a change to the bill to allow landlords to make the  installation of detectors within 30 days of inspection, not the proposed 14.  Senator Danielson agreed (Committee Chairperson) and got that done.

We are seeking input from members for any other recommended amendments to the bill.  I do not believe it advisable for landlords to oppose passage of the bill, because of the negative press, although we certainly seek members to weigh in on the issue; particularly those with 100’s to 1,000’s of units where this change would be costly.


DOB Redaction Issue with Iowa Courts Online

We need your help. It appears an administrative decision is imminent from the Iowa Supreme Court which would remove exact DOB information from public accessibility. This will impact both the Iowa Courts Online database and the ability of professional background screening companies to provide exact matches to prior court actions – criminal history and eviction actions, included.

The Iowa DCI requires an exact DOB to provide an accurate background check, as does CIC, our provider for professional, nationwide screening reports.   When the data made available does not support an exact match on DOB, a screening report will either show false positives, or the criminal and eviction history will not even be reported.  This result does not help with screening accuracy, and will adversely impact the ability of a screening personnel to be efficient.   What’s worse is that some otherwise eligible applicants may be confused with those who are ineligible.

There is the potential that this policy will punish the innocent to protect the guilty.

We expected a representative from the Iowa Supreme Court’s IT department, instrumental in programming and implementation of the Online Courts system since 1999, to be with us on Tuesday, January 26th, at our Landlord subgroup meeting.  It did not happen.  We will issue an invitation once again in the near future.

Until then, we share below an audio interview of Rex McClaflin and Andrew Lietzow regarding this issue.  It’s about 10 minutes, recorded Jan 22, 2016.  You may also wish to read a letter sent to ISC Administrator, David Boyd. (Note: If your browser does not display the player below, then click the link “audio interview.  Not all browsers work alike!).

How to Sleep Better, without Bed Bugs, or Lease Concerns …

Rental property owners and managers have so much risk from just being in the rental property business.  Why not eliminate the risk of using a lease in which you are not confident that it will be held in high regard by the courts?

Several recent court cases, originating out of Iowa City, are drawing fire from tenants to the level of class action suits.   And, our side is taking a major hit as a result.

I just what to share how grateful I am to our members who have supported their business, and our association, by purchasing our “Premium Iowa Lease”.  10 copies for $25, or 5 copies for $15. Those fees, now from dozens of RPO’s, help offset the legal expense for creation of those documents.

While we do ask users of IaREIA-ILA forms to sign a “Members Agreement for use of Association Forms”, in exchange, we promise to update existing inventory if there is a legal challenge that causes a member to lose in court, because of  such use,

The forms must be used as-is, and there are other conditions, but we offer indemnification from loss up to $1,000, should a user lose a case in court because of a provision in our lease which does not prevail.

We expect to release our “Multi-family Pest Control Addendum” soon, and every attendee who was at our April 18, 2013, meeting, will get a copy for free.   I expect this will be shortly after our October 27 meeting, at which Jeffrey Lipman will be our featured speaker.   His topic will be on Bed Bugs.

Check our calendar for his credentials.  We are ver fortunate to have him speak, as he spends more time litigating in Texas and California, than Iowa.  Learn what you need to do to prevent law suits!!!