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Why join ILA or TRREIA?

Why join either the ILA (Iowa Landlord Assn) or Two Rivers REIA (Real Estate Investors Assn)?

There are a myriad of good reasons to join (click for “Top 15 Reasons“), but if you need even more encouragement, here is a short news story from KIMT-TV in Mason City, taken in October during our meeting about “Halloween Horrors”.    At this meeting Landlords were sharing a few of the challenges we face.

There were 5 stories told that meeting (Oct 18, 2012) and any one of them was adequate motivation to join!

Basic membership (ILA-Silver or TR-Gold) costs less than the cost of a decent pizza (per month). Think of that; you eat a pizza, it’s gone in a few hours, or if you have 25 units plus, it’s equivalent to adding a beer or an above average pizza — and you’re seldom going to learn ways to make more money at a pizza parlor!

Many have found that the expected value  is realized at the very first meeting.
One note:  If you aren’t planning on attending meetings at least a few times per year, or our annual big conferences in particular, you may be disappointed from the results you get.   If you simply want to support the industry, and many do — we suggest you make a donation to the IARPO PAC (Iowa Rental Property Owners Political Action Committee) instead.  Most of our very successful members do both!

But, if you want to learn how to create long term wealth through the power of real estate investing, then you’re at the right place!

One primary value of membership comes from  the networking you will do at meetings with your like-minded peers, and from “ELM – Education, Legislation, and Marketing (our conferences, workshops, webinars and boot camps).

If you simply want a few excellent forms, we have those though for members only.  For non-members,, or, or contacting an attorney here locally.   You will find a great one at our Vendor Partner pages.

The Professional Networking we do at our meetings is “The Secret Sauce” for many of our members.  Some even get involved with the “Power of the Alignment Eye” program of study, or our many subgroups.   This is what helps you keep on track, toward accomplishing your dreams, and causes many to take action!

So how about you?   Click here to take action, now –> Join today!          

(Andrew Lietzow, Executive Director – Sept 2012).

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