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Important Action Steps for Change


Status on HF 184 (Occupancy) & HF 356 (Judgments for Rent) and Next Steps to Take

The player starts automatically and the interview starts in 30 seconds.

Conducted between Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir and Joe Kelly our Lobbyist, March 1, 2013 concerning current legislation in progress that is of direct concern to RPO’s and PM’s  —  HF 184, HF 356 and HSB 28.

We have made great strides forward, yet as Joe frequently reminds us, we can take nothing for granted.  We face some resistance from the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division and the State Bar Association (on HF 356 – Judgments) as well as the League of Cities (on HF 184 – Occupancy).

Signing up for Legislators newsletters to learn about their public forums (Town Hall meetings) and their office hours is very important!

The best venue for visiting about our issues is in a more relaxed environment, when they actually have time to listen for a few minutes. Over the next 2-3 weeks, our members personal actions will determine the level of success for these bills for this session.

We’re at the point where an hour or two from every member would greatly improve our chances for success. So grab a cup of Java, then take 19 minutes to hear exactly what is needed from our members to help ensure passage of these bills.  The positive impact of HF 356 should rally every single member to action.

And RPO’s in college towns need our help, as well.

Larger municipalities across Iowa seek to limit occupancy in a manner that is discriminatory against unrelated individuals, which limits their ability to attain a reasonable return on their investment.   Such efforts are important “practice” for grass roots lobbying, even if you are not directly impacted.

Our legislators need to hear from us and we need the practice!   If we can gain some improvement with issues like these, then there is hope to keep the pendulum from swinging too strongly against PRO’s and PM’s.

Listen to the audio to learn why we need your help at this strategically important time.



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