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Let’s face it, one of our primary reasons for our existence is to help our members achieve fair and balanced representation at every level of government. This is exemplified through our outreach to legislative bodies at all of these levels:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local Municipalities
  • Rural or Unincorporated Areas

Our members are directly impacted through the actions of elected officials who can dramatically affect our ability to thrive or barely survive. Every rental property or RE investor makes an investment in property, or an enterprise, for the primary benefit of receiving a return on their investment. Our members hope to achieve a ROI that is adequate to provide benefits to themselves, their families, or their investors who supply capital for their investing enterprise.

To help ensure this occurs, we must remain vigilant in our Legislative outreach. We do so by:

  • Creating a 50-Senate and 100-House Legislative District Strategy, started in 2012, orchestrating a massive grass roots campaign connecting to over 8,000 stakeholders all across Iowa
  • Contracting with Registered Lobbyists
  • Providing Grass Roots Lobbying training
  • Helping our representatives remain informed about the issues
  • Writing legislative initiatives to create or amend laws or ordinances

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