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Iowa Code 562A – Landlord/Tenant Law & Habitability, Evictions, Abandonment, etc.

The Landlord/Tenant Act for the State of Iowa

Website Version of 562A – posted at

And the portable document format (PDF) version – IC562A.

562A – Nicely Formatted for Printing — The ILA Enhanced Version of 562A 

If you are new to rental property ownership or management, or even if you’re an experienced veteran, taking a few moments to read through this chapter once each year is time well spent.

Many of our members know this Chapter 562A fairly well.  It is the primary area of Iowa Code with which Landlords and Property Managers must be familiar.  Over time it’s easy to get a little rusty.   e.g. The FED (eviction) process has become even more challenging as a result of the WAR EAGLE VILLAGE APTS v. Geneva PLUMMER decision – on November 20,2009.

Then there are the municipal ordinances, which are concerned with the property and maintenance requirements.   You will find significant information here, stored by city name.  If your city doesn’t show local ordinances and links, please send us what you can find!

Having a good understanding of this one section of the Iowa Code is extremely important to long term success.

The ILA & IaREIA offer rental property management education at most conferences, and through various workshops.   We encourage members to attend those training sessions.   We often provide courses with CEU’s to meet qualifications for maintaining a Real Estate License, and our courses are much more specific to property management than what you would get elsewhere.  We work to ensure our trainers are real-world practitioners, not only knowledgeable about what you can and cannot do, but also in touch with reality that property management is one of the most challenging professions there is*.

Speaking of SOP’s, are yours written?  Do you follow them consistently?   It’s more important today than it ever was as there are “testers” out in the field, trying to trip up landlords and property managers.   This is particularly true with service and emotional support animals, but also on occupancy laws and discrimination.

Know your landlord/tenant laws!

Lobbying for change:

Joe Kelly has been our Lobbyist to the Iowa General Assembly since approx. 1990.   We have developed a 50-Senate and 100-House Legislative District Strategy to aid Joe in his effort to find support for bills which are fair and balanced toward rental property owners/managers.

Our Iowa State representatives face a daunting task for approximately four months;  a dizzying array of legislative initiatives are presented each year.  It’s an amazing process to observe, or as we recommend, or in which to participate!

Some initiatives becomes drafts, then study bills, then files, and 200+ bills are introduced to the floor  for a vote each session.  Most bills that pass both chambers are signed into Law by the Governor, though not all!

The “City Enterprise Services Bill” is a prime example of a bill that passed with near unanimous support through both chambers, yet was stuck down through the Governor’s veto power, in 2007.

A great way to help support positive legislation of  benefit for Rental Property Owners is to make a donation to the IARPO-PAC.

* “One of the most challenging professions there is” … a bold claim and we’ll get back to you on why that is, but the reason this is true is that in no other profession are you constantly dealing with people and where they live, on terms where they are renting and not owning. Everyone wants rights of possession of their home, and sometimes rental residents can seemingly forget that they don’t own the property, and that they return it in same condition as when first rented, subject to normal wear and tear.

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