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GA Committees

86th GA Session 2015-16 – Facts and Data




85th GA Session 2013-14 – Facts and Data





For a Map of the Capitol Interior to find meeting rooms, click here–>LegislativeCommitteeRoomMaps


General Info

86th IA GA – 2015 Legislative Session Timetable

85th IA GA – 2013 Legislative Session Timetable

Redistricting Plan 1 – Released March 31, 2011 by the Legislative Services Agency

Redistricting HF682 Signed into Law April 19 2011

Short announcement from the Governor re: Redistricting , as it is conducted here in Iowa.

2003-to-2013 Districts Listed by City Comparison – Very helpful for locating your current district’s assigned ID numbers, or …

You can search by your address here.   While rental property owners may have an interest in properties in multiple districts (because they own property in multiple districts) everyone has only one primary address as far as the Legislature is concerned — and that is the address where you are registered to vote.   We at IaREIA – ILA only track one set of district numbers for our members — the address where you vote.

Iowa Senate

2012 Election results show the one vote majority for Senate Democrats was retained – 26-24.  We will work with all members of the Senate, as we are issues focused.  However, understanding a party’s typical position on an issue, or historical voting records, helps us to better understand what should be our approach with legislators.

We have posted details of the 2012 results for the Iowa Senate election — and a link to a Nov. 8 story from the Des Moines Register – Two tight Iowa Senate races go to Democrats .

A link to the Iowa Secretary of State election results for 2012 is here.

A special election was held on Dec 11th to fill the vacant seat of Pat Ward, District #22 (Clive area).   Charles Schneider (R) won that seat (Note that Sen. Schneider is Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee — that was quick!).     The Register story notes that Pat Ward passed away rather suddenly in October.

The Iowa General Assembly convened January 13, 2014.  We are hopeful we will make progress on a number of issues important to rental property owners, managers and RE entrepreneurs here in Iowa this year.

Iowa House

Before the election, House Republicans enjoyed a 59-40 majority, with one vacancy.   The Republican majority now stands at 53-47, a shift of 7 more seats going to the Democrats, following the November 6 election.

More information can be found at  and the Secretary of State website.

Our Approach to Lobbying:

Both the Iowa Landlord Association and Two Rivers REIA of Central IA (jointly IaREIA – the Iowa Real Estate Investors Association) maintain a non-partisan approach to lobbying.

We focus on personal networking with our representatives and a grass roots outreach.  We increased this emphasis dramatically in 2012 with the design and implementation of a customized software system – designed in-house.

The system helps members connect on a more personal level, aids our Lobbyist by enabling members to become more highly targeted with our “Calls to Action”, and supports our Legislative District and Issues Captains.

Many of our members feel like they are almost under attack for having made a decision to invest in real estate in their communities.  As though we are being punished as we try to provide clean, reasonably-priced, well-maintained housing and we need to be vigilant in our efforts to preserve the bundle of rights – the “Rights of Private Property Ownership”.

See the IARPO-PAC web page for more information about how you can help in our effort.




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