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IA General Assembly

This page will offer links to a lot of information of importance to those who want to become more proactive with our “Calls to Action” in our grass roots lobbying effort for our 50-Senate District and Issues Strategies, started in 2012.

The Iowa Landlord Association, in conjunction with Two Rivers REIA of Central Iowa, is committed to lobbying at the state level to improve the economic environment for residential rental property owners and their agents.

(Breaking News – Posted 2012.11.07 – Iowa Senate for 2013-14  Results – 26(D)-24(R))

We maintain a non-partisan Political Action Committee — the “Iowa Rental Property Owners PAC – (IA-RPO-PAC).

We have had a presence on the Hill with a commitment to employ a lobbyist (Joe Kelly) for over 20 years.  In 2012, we are stepping up our “grass roots lobbying” efforts for  issues awareness.

The links here are general in nature.    Please let us know what else we might post here!

Official Iowa Legislature links:

  1. Senate Judiciary
  2. Senate State Government
  3. Senate Local Government
  4. House Judiciary
  5. House State Government
  6. House Local Government



Home Page for BallotPedia- General Information about Iowa

2012 Elections:

The Iowa General Assembly is the state legislature in Iowa.


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