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The Eviction Procedure in Iowa

The Iowa Judicial System continues to roll out a mandatory requirement that all documents be eFiled, including Small Claims (click here for a current map of counties utilizing the EDMS system).

The  Iowa Landlord Association – IaREIA is no longer offering efiling services.   Landlords/Plaintiffs will need to set up their own account and supply a credit card for online processing, which will cover the $85 charge to efile with the County Clerk.

Once the efiling has been accepted and approved, the court will email an “approved” copy which you should forward to your process server, or some third party.

(Parties to a lawsuit cannot serve their own legal notices — see WAR EAGLE VILLAGE APARTMENTS vs. GENEVA PLUMMER).

If you have no preference we recommend … us!  We have been offering Legal Process Services for over a year now.  GIve us a call at (515) 255-0675 first, to share your circumstances and the need.   We do tend to be very reasonable, for our members in particular.

Click here to learn about the Writ of Removal process (a new window will open) from the Blackhawk County Sheriff.

Another version, from the Polk County Sheriff, can be found here.



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