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Contacting your Iowa State Legislator

Contacting your Iowa State Legislators in the House or Senate

If you don’t know who is your Representative or Senator, you’ll find the district numbers on your voter registration card.  Or, you can search by your land address at the State Legislature’s Website.

Senate Switchboard – 515-281-3371  * * *  House Switchboard – 515-281-3221

The format for a legislator’s email is “

Senate listing is available here.   House listing is available here

Elected officials like to hear from constituents, particularly when the conversation is friendly, informative,  quick and to the point.   They do not like to hear from constituents when the caller is angry, looking for a chance to provide an “in-your-face vent” about their frustrations with government, has lacks diplomacy.

Never talk about donations you’ve made in the past, or will make in the future, either personally or through our IARPO-PAC while the General Assembly is in session.  This is considered unethical and such efforts to win favor would work against us and our causes.

Examples of diplomacy or “framing” your message to appeal to the legislator.

If you hate Obamacare and think most Democrats are jerks yet your Representative is Democrat, you may want to find ways to frame your message and practice delivering your opinion with less emotion.

If you abhor personal firearms and think most Republicans are jerks yet your Representative is Republican, find a way to be cordial while still getting your point across.

A helpful tool is to use talking points that could help to find common ground.  These help you to stay on topic while providing a little education for why you and your Association believe this bill, or these bills, will be positive for the State of Iowa.

Also, you might offer to become a trusted resource about rental property or real estate investing.  Ask if they own rental property, because many do!   

Ideally, the best type of contact is in person, outside of session over coffee or at a breakfast.  The next best is attending a town hall meeting during session.   Usually, these events have very low attendance and the legislators really do want to hear the perspective of constituent voters.

Your Executive Director has been at several town halls when there was no other stakeholder representing the interests of Landlords, Property Managers, or RE Entrepreneurs.  You can easily change that!

If you can’t see them in person, next best is by FAX.  Switchboard calls tend to go to V/M yet if you do get through, try to keep it short and to the point, and grateful for the opportunity to speak with them.

Finally, even if you do see or talk to them, another contact through email is great.   We love it when you use email — because it takes the least amount of their time, and yours.

If you include talking points and including the BILL NUMBER in the subject line, they can search and that can be very helpful.

Good luck and thank you so much for your effort!

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