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CIC-ILA Nationwide Applicant Screening Services

Background checks save Landlords $00’s to $000’s of dollars!   And, an application fee can cover your costs.   With the ease of access to computerized databases, there really is no excuse for not researching the background of your perspective residents.

Because all services are not equal, which service should you use?

We researched providers and know we have identified a top notch company.   Our established relationship saves you valuable time!

IaREIA | ILA had offered CIC (Contemporary Information Corporation) services for a few years, and we are happy to say that the relationship has only improved in that time.

The Association was offering screening services, but only for Iowa, for over 30 years.

However, we switched to offering CIC  exclusively November 1, 2012 and are currently phasing out any more screening  other than through CIC.

We know our  members deserve the best, at reasonable prices and fast response times.

Previously, we had not been able to provide nationwide eviction and criminal checks so we believe we now offer a more robust product.

Live outside of Iowa? — no problem!

We offer a very affordable, “At-Large” membership (currently only $69) which provides for CIC-ILA background checks service and gains internet access to our website, as a member.    Sweet!

Contemporary Information Corporation (CIC), through a marketing affiliate agreement, has been offering our high-end screening products for over two years.   Our members have been exceptionally satisfied with their service, so we have expanded our offerings.

More info and sample reports are available from our website — including a fill-able application form.

NOTE:  An active  membership must be maintained to obtain reports through CIC.

As of October 1, 2012, we began offering Eviction and Criminal checks online, in addition to the Credit Bureau Report services.   You can find the schedule of fees and services here.

After application processing, users will receive from CIC:

  • a LOGIN name, and

Approval is usually just a matter of filing the completed paperwork.    If you desire a credit bureau report, there are a few extra steps but it’s all very simple.

Call 515-255-0675 or email the office if you have more questions.


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