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Grass Roots Lobbying & Legislative Issues Workshop

Legislative Issues Workshop

Downtown DSM Holiday Inn – 1050 6th Ave – September 20 

11:00-1:00 – Lunch & Learn – REGISTER NOW HERE or send an email for a will call ticket

Our regular “Lunch & Learn” meeting now includes a sandwich buffet, followed by our standard agenda.   We will be meeting at the Holiday Inn for several months and we thank Mona Lacona’s for their previous excellent service and meals.

This month’s featured Speaker is Richard Stradley — Chair and Member-Property Assessment Appeal Board

BIO – Dick was with the (Iowa) Department of Revenue for almost 33 years, all within the Property Tax Division.  He received a BA from Simpson College in economics.  He has been an economics instructor at Grand View College, testified in State and Federal Court as an expert in property tax valuation and tax policy, and written and published articles regarding property tax issues.  He has served on state, national, and international committees and boards relating to property tax and has obtained several professional designations dealing with appraisal theory.  He is also a member of the Iowa Association of Administrative Law Judges and the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary.

1:15 – 4:00 – Grass Roots Lobbying & Legislative Issues Workshop  – Suggested donation to the IARPO-PAC – $10.00 for those who attend.  

We’ve been building up for this workshop seemingly all year!   Certainly, there are many other aspects of rental property ownership and management that get the lion’s share of our attention.  Yet we neglect this aspect of the business at our own peril!    If you are a property owner, property manager or industry stakeholder, we want your input for what should be our legislative priorities in 2013.    The workshop will be kicked-off by Joe Kelly and Mary Lahay — with Presentations and Q&A.   Then we will break into up to five focus groups on several known issues, and seek input for additional ideas.   We may engage in some legislative drafting and some detailed reviews.   Out of this, we hope to find “Issues Captains” and “District Captains”.   Come prepared to present your concerns!

Planned Topics for Boardrooms – Rental Property Owner/Manager Issues
1) Bedbugs
2) Occupancy Bill
3) Criminalizing Vandalism for Malicious Damage
4) Authorization of Rental Property owners to perform basic mechanical’s repairs, like owner-occupants can do (Still looking for more info from Pottawattamie County)
5) Easing on the regulations for Service and Eviction
6) Requesting Iowa Judicial Branch require Date Of Birth on Small Claims Filings,
7) and, your priority item could be here!