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Dan Firestone & CIC – Background checks worth the money?

Dan FirestoneIn this interview, conducted July 29, 2014, Andrew Lietzow with IaREIA-ILA interviews Dan Firestone.

Topics discussed:

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act and and the simple steps property managers can take to eliminate any concerns about compliance with the administrative requirements
  • How landlords can establish tenant screening and applicant scoring procedures that are objective and non-discriminatory.   This helps ensure that any Fair Housing Advocate concerns about disparate impact and potential discrimination claims should not be an issue.

Private Money Seminar Could Explode Your Investing!

Author of "Private Lending Made Easy" and "Real Estate Management  Made Easy"

Nationally Recognized Speaker, Trainer, and Author of “Private Lending Made Easy” and “Real Estate Management Made Easy”

Ever wished you could get your hands on the money you need to do any real estate deal you want?  While his encore appearance has been postponed we hope to have Alan engage with our membership soon, via an online Training Session — a webinar.

“Could You Use An Unlimited Supply of Money to Do All The Deals You Can Find?”  This will be his topic.

Check out our NEWLY MERGE Calendar for times and venues.

Our Thursday Lunch & Learn for Landlords event will be held at the Country Inn & Suites in Clive, and the evening meeting for REIA members and guests will also be held there.  Please register as usual from our Calendar.

Check out this audio interview between Preston Daniels and Alan on April 2nd, to learn more about Alan and what we’ll be covering in a future event.   Note: his appearance has been postponed, so ignore the dates being mentioned.

This is your chance to discover how to finance any real estate deal even if you have: 

          • No Money
          • No Experience 
          • Big Debt 
          • And Bad Credit

At last, you can learn how to consistently obtain the cash you need to invest in profitable real estate deals. In fact, with this new, bottomless source of funds, you will:

  • Never have to miss out on a great deal due to lack of cash again!
  • Never have to place a limit on the amount of money you can earn as a real estate investor! 
  • Never have to wait for a bank loan again (or go through the time-consuming loan application process)!  
  • Never have to pay points to hard money lenders again!
  • Always be able to deliver on all your short sales!
  • Always have more than enough money chasing you to do any deal you want!

So what are you waiting for?   You’ll find registration info here –>  NEWLY MERGED Calendar of Events.

Action without Planning is the Leading Cause of Every Failure

Jack Canfield in Cherry Hill, NJ

Jack Canfield in Cherry Hill, NJ

The excitement is building — Cynthia Schmidt, Andy Heller, John Hyre, and Augie Byllot are coming!    (Audio interview with Cynthia Schmidt, after the jump at “Read More”).    I don’t know that we’ll ever be as good as Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison were here in Cherry Hill, NJ, but there’s no harm in trying, right?  (BTW, if you want to learn how to write a book, there is probably no better place to learn than at one of their events).

At IaREIA | ILA | TRREIA, we’re all about helping our members build the most profitable real estate investing or entrepreneurial business possible, across the full spectrum of residential RE investing opportunities and practices.

New “Service Animals & Reasonable Accommodation” Training Video Available

Training DVD - Don Grove, Iowa Civil Rights Commission

Training DVD – Don Grove, Iowa Civil Rights Commission

At our Fall Conference in 2012 (held at the Botanical Center in Des Moines, Nov 14-15), Don Grove, ICRC, provided an outstanding presentation on the topic of “Service Animals & Reasonable Accommodation”.

This is a perennial hot topic as it is very important to rental property owners and managers to field calls correctly. We receive numerous calls on this issue.  Unfortunately, many of those calls are after being cited for a violation.

Member Testimonials – Spring Conference 2013

Iowa Landlord Association – Member Testimonials

At our Spring Conference 2013, a few members were willing to offer their thoughts — on the conference, and on the Iowa Landlord Association, in general.   We think you’ll agree — they put forth a strong argument for being involved!

Our next meeting is August 15, at the Cub Club at Principal Park.   A fabulous breakfast buffet awaits members and guests who arrive by 7:30AM.   Members can pre-register and save 10% while guests can attend for $20, for the “check-us-out” first meeting.

Our featured speaker, Kevin Hathaway, is back for an encore (and a better recording).   Kevin is an Assistant Polk County Attorney and he will continue his presentation about his responsibilities prosecuting the “Indictable Misdemeanor Docket” in Polk County.   This includes upwards of 1,000 cases each year and we had great a Q&A session last month.

“Intentional Damage to Rental Property” as referenced in IC 562A.17.6, and IC 716, is something he has down pat — and we may not do this again for several years!    If you think you might one day have a disgruntled resident, who neglects paying the rent and wants to trash the place on the way out (heaven forbid) attend this so you can be aware of the Rules of Evidence a prosecutor must follow, in order to justify bringing charges.

Kevin’s focus, for this meeting, is on the rental property business.    Come check us out and enjoy Cub Club atmosphere!