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How to Sleep Better, without Bed Bugs, or Lease Concerns …

Rental property owners and managers have so much risk from just being in the rental property business.  Why not eliminate the risk of using a lease in which you are not confident that it will be held in high regard by the courts?

Several recent court cases, originating out of Iowa City, are drawing fire from tenants to the level of class action suits.   And, our side is taking a major hit as a result.

I just what to share how grateful I am to our members who have supported their business, and our association, by purchasing our “Premium Iowa Lease”.  10 copies for $25, or 5 copies for $15. Those fees, now from dozens of RPO’s, help offset the legal expense for creation of those documents.

While we do ask users of IaREIA-ILA forms to sign a “Members Agreement for use of Association Forms”, in exchange, we promise to update existing inventory if there is a legal challenge that causes a member to lose in court, because of  such use,

The forms must be used as-is, and there are other conditions, but we offer indemnification from loss up to $1,000, should a user lose a case in court because of a provision in our lease which does not prevail.

We expect to release our “Multi-family Pest Control Addendum” soon, and every attendee who was at our April 18, 2013, meeting, will get a copy for free.   I expect this will be shortly after our October 27 meeting, at which Jeffrey Lipman will be our featured speaker.   His topic will be on Bed Bugs.

Check our calendar for his credentials.  We are ver fortunate to have him speak, as he spends more time litigating in Texas and California, than Iowa.  Learn what you need to do to prevent law suits!!!



Joe Kelly & MLK, Jr Birthday Anniversary – A History Lesson

What do Joe Kelly and Martin Luther King, Jr. have in common?  … Lobbying

A reflection on the important role our members play in providing clean, affordable, well-maintained housing for all rental housing residents, in honor of  Martin Luther King’s Birthday Anniversay, 2013 — and in honor of 2-plus decades of lobbying by Joe Kelly…

Since 1990, the Iowa Landlord Association and Landlords of Iowa have retained Joe Kelly’ services for State Level Lobbying.