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Background Checks

One of the most important steps owners and property managers take prior to renting their property is to perform background checks.   Ask any veteran and they will say it is THE MOST CRITIAL STEP prior to executing a lease.

In fact, the only thing worse than a vacancy is a property has been let to a bad resident, especially one who fails to pay then maliciously destroys the place on the way out!

Our Association has for years provided four different levels of applicant background checks.

Our flagship product has been an “Evictions Only” check.   This entry level screening service included a check of our 180,000 name database, as well as public records for:

  • Petitions for Eviction
  • Evictions 
  • Money Judgments, and 
  • Damages, in Iowa only.

The fee for this service has been nominal — $5.   This  fee is now $10, and will remain available until March 31, 2013 — though still a report with Iowa data only.

The service, through CIC, has been enhanced to provide significantly more value for a nominal increase to $10.   There will be benefits to our members, including:

  • More rapid response times, usually seconds to less than a minute.
  • Thorough checks — nationwide!
  • Having logged in and screened for evictions, if the applicant passes the first check, obtaining a complete credit report and/or a criminal check will be available in another few seconds, and at very reasonable cost ($15 or $22).
  • As always, our fees are subject to change with a 30-days notice.
The fees for these various products were announced October 1st.

(NOTE: Obtaining Credit Reports requires setup.   For members, we currently waive the setup fees for those whose business office is within 25 miles of our office.  Beyond this range, we charge $1.00/mile surcharge, but do speak with us as each case can be a little different.

We expect to have a DVD video available for training purposes in the not too distant future.   Feel free to ask about status.

Click the image below to learn more about CIC services, offered exclusively in Iowa by the Iowa Landlord Association / IaREIA.

We will be glad to answer questions via email to, via phone to 515-255-0675, or text us at that number and we will can setup an appointment.

Tenant Screening, Credit Reporting, and More. A Simplified Certification Program for Rental Property Owners and Managers is now in place.

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