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TRREIA – 2010

Dec 28th
NO MEETING Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you!Holidays to you! Active members will have an additional meeting added to their current term of membership.
2nd Saturday
Dec 11
Tentative: Home Depot This is still tentative. I'm trying to get a couple of folks lined up from Home Depot to talk to us about some of their programs that benefit rehabbers, contractors and even homeowners. More on this as the agenda unfolds.
Nov 23rd
Topic: T/B/A Note: Change of date for Thanksgiving, and for the (foreseeable) futher. We will continue our "Rehabbing your way to Profit" focus of education by working through the 1121 44th St project results. If you missed Saturday, Nov 13th, you'll feel a bit left out, but we'll try to bring everyone up to speed by either showing photos, or actually meeting at the site once again. For Nov, Dec, Jan, and perhaps Feb, we're going to continue with the focus on rehabbing.
2nd Saturday
Nov 13th
Rehab Tour & Contest! We'll meet at 8:00 at 900 Des Moines St., do some informal networking for 30 minutes, have a brief meeting with an overview of the mornings mission -- the houses we'll tour, the objectives of the "contest" for compiling rehab costs of each of the three properties -- and then head out. Here are the addresses, listed in order of the tour:
1) 817 E 27th St - Listed at $30,000 - What's the highest and best use for this lot and house?
2) 1121 44th St - Listed for $239,900 (Vacated older family home. Time for a bulldozer, or, is this a diamond in the rough and truly worth restoring?)
3) 3926 36th St - Listed for $98,000 (Hud Repo)
The primary goal for each participant will be to quickly list estimated rehab expenses onto a form for each property. The data will be compiled and winners chosen based on a complicated weighted average scheme that ... I have yet to dream up! I'm working on it!
These are three distinctivley different rehab properties, and a Class A, B, and D?
The contest rules and awards will be revealed at 8:30AM on Saturday.
4th Wednesday
Oct 27th
2nd Saturday
Oct 9th
Jim Garnett
Consumer Credit of DSM
(Tentative) Jim Garnett with Consumer Credit Counseling of Des Moines runs a program he calls "Ask MrG" offering extensive consumer and professional education about Credit.. Topic -- "Transforming Debt into Wealth", or "How important is a FICO score for tenant applicants, or ourselves?", or "How to improve your FICO score", etc.
4th Wednesday
Sept 22nd
Gary Lewis - Gary Lewis Painting (and perhaps one other contractor) Gary will be presenting "Hitting the Sweet Spot with your Contractors", with a focus on creating win-win outcomes for working with contractors, as a rehabber, as a buy and hold investor, or in many other ways that building trades people help us to reach our goals as RE investors. (Know a contractor whom you would like to have join Gary? Let me know!)
2nd Saturday
Sept 11th
Gary Putman
GLP Funding Group, LLC
Gary will be presenting on "Alternative Funding Options" and "Thinking outside the Box". Any who know Gary realize that this is going to be an exciting topic. Gary is a masterful marketer and I would encourage attendance if for no other reason that to gain insight into where he gets his energy! Gary is always pumped up about the many, many opportuntiies available through RE investing today, and his enthusiasm is ... contagious!
2nd Saturday
August 14th
General Group Informal networking and opportunity promotional meeting. Open Q & A session. Short interactive time following presentation on Self-Discipline and it's importance in "the Secret"
2nd Saturday
July 10th
General Group Informal networking and opportunity promotional meeting. Open Q & A session.
2nd Saturday
June 12th
General Group Mostly an informal meeting focused on networking and the need to develop your 30-second "Elevator Pitch"
4th Wednesday
May 26th
Steve Lipovac Steve will be presenting an introduction to the workshop series he will be leading on June 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29, being hosted by Two Rivers REIA.

More info may be posted here, soon, but plan to come to this meeting if you'd like more info on the workshop topics. Check out our registration page.
NOTE: 3rd Saturday
May 15th
May 16th.
"Wealth Building with the Lindahl Group" - Hotel Savery in Des Moines It's spring and time to get going with rehabbing, multi-family and short sale investing. And on Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16, the LIndahl Group will be providing a ton of information on how to make money with all the above, and more! There will be specialized training about rehabbing residential properties -- both multi-family and single-family -- as well as a day just cram packed with information about Emerging Market strategies, multi-family investing, raising private capital and more! Get more info at the signup page/link.

RE investing of all types is what this weekend will be about! You can get a lot more info here ... Sign up here - today! The Lindahl Group Wealth Building Event is free!
4th Wednesday
April 28th
Gary Lewis & Lynda Clayton - About the EPA's Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair & Painting ProgramGary and Lynda will info about the new LBP regulations, including the "Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right". Effective April 22, 2010, there are some serious, new regulations that will affect anyone who ones a home built prior to 1978. Specifically, the EPA states this effects:
1) Anyone who owns or manaes housing or child-occupied facilities built before 1978, or
2) Contractors who perform activites that disturb painted surfaces in homes and child-occupied facilities built before 1978 (including certain repairs and maintenance, and painting preparation activites)
2nd Saturday
April 10
Roberta McAfee
with McAfee Realty
Operating with the "Speed of Trust" - Building a Real Esate Team of mentors and advisors whom you can trust. Due Diligence is not only conducted on properties, it should be utilized as you select your trusted Real Estate Power Team. This is often easier said than done.

More to follow!
4th Wednesday
March 24
Table Topics with
Steve Smith
Tested and proven through the school of RE Investing reality for 34 years, Steve Smith is a local, well-known investor, rehabber, and Real Estate Broker in the Des Moines area. Currently, Steve is the broker at the "Residential Investors Dream Real Estate Office" - RE/MAX Opportunities Johnston Office (previously RE/MAX Properties, and Smith Properties). If you are at all interested in rehabbing; the buy, fix and hold strategy, or the buy, fix, then resell on a contract, or even multi-family investing vs. single family investing, this will be a meeting you don't want to miss.

Also, at this meeting, we will be voting on whether to continue meeting at Ramada Tropics.
2nd Saturday
March 12-13
Two Rivers REIA
of Central Iowa
2010 Convention
Two Rivers REIA is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Convention, to be held at the West Des Moines Marriott, 1250 Jordan Creek Parkway, WDM.

Our featured speakers will be Mike Butler and Shaun McCloskey. Two days of action packed, timely Investor training to build RE investing wealth now - in 2010!!! In one of the most exciting times in Real Estate since the Great Depression! Will you be counted among those who prospered in 2010?

Convention Info is now available, and Online Registration for both members and non-members was made available on Sunday, January 24th.
4th Wednesday
Feb 24, 2010
Paul Vojchehoske - The "Angry Landlord" (We've rescheduled Paul!) Our presenter for this 4th Wed meeting will be Paul Vojchehoske, from Omaha, NE. We will be one of the first stops of his 2010 "Angry Landlord Tour". Paul anchors a weekly intelligence radio briefing every Saturday on 1290 KKAR in Omaha.

(Check out his website,

"Paul is an absolutely amazing instructor. His experience and "Brutal Truth" approach is refreshing and vitalizing! He has taught and mentored thousands of real estate students and thousands more have attended Paul's business enhancement workshops".

(Our meeting location is Ramada Tropics, until we post otherwise).
2nd Saturday
Feb 13
Lynda Clayton
Clayent, LLC.
"The Importance of Social Media for a Real Estate Investor"

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – Do’s and Don’t’s . How to market yourself as an investor using social media for: Building your buyers, seller & investor lists, finding private money investors for deals, finding contractors for rehabs, finding renters for your properties, and deals that are not public yet. In order to be successful at investing you must “Market” yourself!!

If time permits Lynda will go into Rehabbing. Andrew will be at the National Convention, so Ryan Winter will be running the meeting. Come and cheer them both on while you receive $150+ value in specialized instruction for a $10 meeting fee! Breakfast will be served.
4th Wednesday
January 27, 2010
Terry Gearhart - Home Services Lending - Renovation Specialist
Terry stepped in, on very short notice (3 hours!) and did a mighty fine job of updating our group on the state of the FHA 203(K) rehab loans (for homeowners, only), and for Conventional rehab lending, specifically for investors. Thank you Terry! (Paul V. had a family medical emergency and could not make the meeting).

This was our first night at Ramada Tropics, 5000 Merle Hay Rd and we had about 50 in attendance, a new record for a general meeting. This was a good omen as we are gain excellent momentum, working toward our 2nd Annual Convention. We are expecting a fabulous turnout because nearly every RE investor knows this is a great time to sharpen their ax - to learn how to make more money in 2010!

This was the first time that many in the room had heard about FHA relaxing the anti-seasoning provision for FHA buyers which requires the Seller to hold title for 90-days, effective Feb 1, 2010.
2nd Saturday
Jan 9, 2010
Terry Gearhart -- we gave him a snow check. We got our wires crossed, so Terry didn't present. Instead, we spent more time networking than usual, and discussed the upcoming 2nd Annual Convention.

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