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Background Checks Save $$$’s!

Today’s residential rental environment is demanding.   Mortgage payments, insurance payments, property taxes, the cost of planned or emergency maintenance all must be paid whether you receive the rent, or not!  Your resident, who is supposed to cover all property costs (plus a profit!) must pay rent on time and in the proper amount, or the business begins to suffer – immediately.

And the only thing worse than a vacancy is a property rented to a bad tenant!  Ask any number of our members how we know that.

Background checks are so important they are becoming mandatory in some municipalities.  The leadership of the Iowa Landlord Association believes a thorough background check is so critical that we recommend this should be Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for ALL Rental Property Owners (RPO’s)  and Property Managers (PM’s).   And, we have chosen the best in the industry to provide this service.

We have done all of the research for you, and if there is a better service on the planet, we have yet to see it.

Avoiding a bad resident is critical for a consistently reliable income stream.  A reliable income stream is priority number one for becoming and remaining successful!    Because this cost can easily be absorbed by your applicant,  we strongly encourage all ILA | IaREIA | TRREIA members to screen applicants!

There are two major categories of background screening services we provide to members — with a Credit Report or without a Credit Report.

You must be a current member of one of our associations to obtain ILA-CIC reports from our exclusive provider, Contemporary Information Corporation (CIC).

If you are over 60 miles from one of our district meeting locations, may we suggest an IaREIA membership?   It’s nominally priced and you can use this service from anywhere in the US.   Outside of the US?   Send us an email message and we’ll get an answer for you as to whether we can offer you this service.

Category 1:

Background checks which DO NOT include a Credit Bureau Report

When you only need Eviction, SSN, and Criminal Reports,  you will need to complete just one of the following forms:
  1. Print and complete this form if you operate your business as a Company.
  2. Print and complete this form if you operate your business as an Individual.

While the above forms ask questions about the “FCRA and Access Security Requirement” this does not require an onsite visit for photos and a physical inspection.   Once the above forms are complete, fax the completed form to 888-850-7680 OR scan and email the form to  We must then, 1)  verify  membership and 2) review the form to save processing time at CIC.

Category 2:

Background checks which DO include a Credit Bureau Report

This process, while involved, is followed by our members who truly value their properties and want the least amount of headaches from their rental business.   This is the “cadillac” of reports and enables our most successful members to make a truly informed decision.

The first step — read Preparing for Your Onsite Inspection Instruction Sheet to know the process.

  1. If you operate with a Company Name, you’ll need to complete the Residential – Company  application, and there will be only one onsite inspection, unless you change locations.
  2. If you operate as an Individual, you’ll need to complete the Residential – Individual application, and there will be an inspection once each year.

Should you have questions of a general nature, feel free to call the ILA/IaREIA office at 515-255-0675 for assistance or basic questions.

If your questions are fairly specific to CIC give them a call at 888-316-4242 or send an email to


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