Day on the Hill 2018

Today, February 6, 2018, is our Landlords and RE Investors Day on the Hill!   The agenda includes fea

tured guest legislators, starting shortly after 8:00AM and running until 11:00; review of current bills at the Capitol (there are at least five that need our support, attending a Subcommittee meeting (HF2001 – 12:30pm RE: Assistance Animals, House Lounge) and a Full Commerce Cmte, 1:00 PM RM 103, Sup. Ct. Chamber w/HSB596 on the agenda), our lobbyists, and the opportunity to be with some of the best landlords and RE Investors in the State of Iowa.

If that includes you, whether you are a member (we help you become one!) or only a stakeholder, feel free to join us in Room 304.  And we have ordered up the perfect Iowa weather for this event — it will be so cold you won’t want to do anything else!

Hope you can join us!   ACL