We need to replenish our Iowa Rental Property Owners Political Action Campaign fund – the IARPO-PAC.  The 1st Session of the 87th General Assembly was a productive one for our stakeholders; the occupancy bill was passed, bringing positive results to our over six years of advocacy.

For those who benefit from HF134 the impact will be exceptionally positive.  But we have a lot more work to do on other issues.   Here is a current listing.

RAGBRAI 2017 is just around the corner – from July 23-29, 2017 – and we’re going to use the world’s largest bike touring event to rebuild our PAC fund war chest.  We need riders to participate, to attract sponsors, and we need sponsors to make PAC fund donations.

We’re thinking – let’s tie miles ridden to donations and have some fun with this!

To participate as a fundraising rider:  Please call our office.  We want to promote you and your commitment to our industry!  We also expect to have some team meetups with landlords and RE Investors along the route during RAGBRAI, so … get in touch ASAP.

To participate as a sponsor, visit our fundraising web page at https://iareia.com/iarpo-pac/ where you’ll make an initial contribution of from $2.50/mile to $.10/mile.  We will invoice you for the difference once the ride is complete.    If every recipient of our newsletter donated $31.25, we would 10X our goal, quickly!  NOTE: A donation is a per mile donation – so, a $2.50/mile donation is about $1,000, and a $.10/mile donation is about $40.00.   You can also name your own donation level — see the above link.

RAGBRAI is over 402 miles this year!

Questions? Give us a call!

P.S.  In a our next issue of our Take 5 Newsletter, we’ll provide an update on PAC contributions and donations to political campaigns over the past 5 years.