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Monthly Archives: January 2016

DOB Redaction Issue with Iowa Courts Online

We need your help. It appears an administrative decision is imminent from the Iowa Supreme Court which would remove exact DOB information from public accessibility. This will impact both the Iowa Courts Online database and the ability of professional background screening companies to provide exact matches to prior court actions – criminal history and eviction actions, included.

The Iowa DCI requires an exact DOB to provide an accurate background check, as does CIC, our provider for professional, nationwide screening reports.   When the data made available does not support an exact match on DOB, a screening report will either show false positives, or the criminal and eviction history will not even be reported.  This result does not help with screening accuracy, and will adversely impact the ability of a screening personnel to be efficient.   What’s worse is that some otherwise eligible applicants may be confused with those who are ineligible.

There is the potential that this policy will punish the innocent to protect the guilty.

We expected a representative from the Iowa Supreme Court’s IT department, instrumental in programming and implementation of the Online Courts system since 1999, to be with us on Tuesday, January 26th, at our Landlord subgroup meeting.  It did not happen.  We will issue an invitation once again in the near future.

Until then, we share below an audio interview of Rex McClaflin and Andrew Lietzow regarding this issue.  It’s about 10 minutes, recorded Jan 22, 2016.  You may also wish to read a letter sent to ISC Administrator, David Boyd. (Note: If your browser does not display the player below, then click the link “audio interview.  Not all browsers work alike!).