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Iowa Residential Lease for 2016 – Premium Version for Members

Iowa Residential Lease now Available

Our Premium Residential Lease is available for Members (10- or 5-Copies) and Non-Members for $250.   This is our “best-in class in Iowa” lease.   If you ever find a better one, let us know and we’ll have that attorney amend  ours!  
Please note: This is NOT a lease that socks it to the tenant but a fair and balanced lease that should stand up in court.  It should not draw class action lawsuits, or the ire of the opposing attorney because of an egregious stretch to language beyond what IC562A allows. 
IaREIA-ILA commissioned it to be produced based on another lease in 2012.   Since then, we have added several significant updates:
  1. To comply with changes from amendments to IC562A, effective July 1, 2013. 
  2. To add for Severability,
  3. Abandoned Property,
  4. Habitability,
  5. and to remove a clauses which were iffy as whether they would be defensible in court.
The lease you will receive is our latest version.  We claim it is the “best-in class” for the State of Iowa because no one has shown us a lease that is any better.    Should you use our lease and any provision of the lease causes you to lose in Court, we will indemnify your costs up to $1,000.

This means if the judge rules in the opposing parties favor as a direct result of using our IaREIA-ILA Lease, we will pay you up to $1,000 for costs.  There are two pre-requisite’s which must be true prior to a claim being valid.

  1. We must have on file a signed copy of the form “Members Agreement for Use of Association Forms”, and
  2. Your membership must be current.

ILA-IaREIA 2016 Residential Lease

Version 3.5 - Last updated May 15, 2016
(Note: You will receive the LATEST version available).
We print either 10 copies, or 5, then snail mail them to your door!   PAYPAL PURCHASE BUTTON
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ILA-IaREIA 2016 Residential Lease

Choose Mbr/Non-Mbr

All Leases used in Iowa must conform to I.C. 562.A  – The Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act – (IURLTA) to stand up in court.   You could expect to pay $1,000, or more, for such a lease, drawn by an attorney.

We are making it available at a fraction of the cost, and the only reason we charge is to help defer the expense of keeping our forms up to date.

Select the Add to Cart button below, then make your payment by credit card or your account.  Please add the Shipping/Handling fee to your order.

We will receive your order and ship to the specified address.  If you need it right away, please send an email to our office at   If you do not hear back fairly quickly, feel free to call (515) 255-0675.

We will print your order and mail to the listed address.  Please allow 3-7 business days for receipt.  If you need it sooner, please contact the office.

Users may want to add  addenda to your lease —

  1. Bed Bug/Pest Control Addendum
  2. Crime Free Housing Addendum
  3. Garage and Storage Addendum
  4. Rules and Regulations, etc.
  5. An Addendum listing your Addenda
  6. Pet Policy, etc.

Some of these forms we supply, some are specific to your rentals business.

We frequently update our forms but tend to let members know via email when making substantive updates.


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