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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Summer Location, Day of Month change for IaREIA & ILA Meetings

The Cub Club at Principal Park, 1 Line Drive, Des Moines.

The Cub Club at Principal Park, 1 Line Drive, Des Moines.

RE: Our meetings for Central Iowa Investors.  We’re changing things a bit, for the Summer months.

ILA subgroup Meeting:  Holiday Inn first, then two months at the Cub Club, 1 Line Drive for ILA — Meeting starts at 8:00 with a Breakfast Buffet.

Two Rivers REIA subgroup Meeting: Holiday Inn first, then one month at the Cub Club in for July.  Meeting starts at 5:30 PM.  August is T/B/D.

WHEN: 4th Tuesday of every month, beginning April 28th, 2015 but check the Calendar at for details.  And if you’re not signed up on our email list server, why not be registered?   We make all announcements via email regarding speakers, topics, and any required changes in venues or times.   Open a F-R-E-E account today! — at

Note:  TRREIA meeting is one-half hour earlier.

PRE-REGISTRATION:  We need everyone to Pre-Register by Tuesday of the week before at