Dan Firestone & CIC – Background checks worth the money?

Dan FirestoneIn this interview, conducted July 29, 2014, Andrew Lietzow with IaREIA-ILA interviews Dan Firestone.

Topics discussed:

      • The Fair Credit Reporting Act and and the simple steps property managers can take to eliminate any concerns about compliance with the administrative requirements
      • How landlords can establish tenant screening and applicant scoring procedures that are objective and non-discriminatory.   This helps ensure that any Fair Housing Advocate concerns about disparate impact and potential discrimination claims should not be an issue.

  • Iowa Courts Online and other tenant screening providers are discussed
  • Issues with renting to illegal aliens
  • How managers may be able to classify their income properties based on the location and likely applicant demographic data, into the traditional A,B,C and D classification for rental housing, then develop objective standards that are followed to allow different standards for different classes of property.    Consistency is the key, and we even discuss the ICRC (Iowa Civil Rights Commission) and what their requirements may be regarding such standards for screening.

The audio is 28.5 minutes long, and for members, there are some bonus forms available to the listener who gets to the end.  (You have to know which forms to request but you can get them for FREE by emailing the office at Info.IaREIA@gmail.com).