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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Occupancy Bill is a “Property Rights” Issue for RPO’s


Please do not ignore! If you receive one of these, we hope that you will 1) send an email message, and 2) call.

Rental Property Owners (RPO’s)  expect that when they buy an income property they would be entitled to all of the benefits that personal property rights entail, based on a fair and balanced system for allowable occupancy (as in the IPMC).   This is not the case in a few municipalities in Iowa.  HF184 seeks to change this.

As of this writing, HF184 has been gaining considerable, positive momentum for passage, yet RPO’s and Property Managers can take nothing for granted.  Review these talking points, then call if they serve on the House Judiciary Committee or the Senate State Government Committee and ask them to support HF184.   Also, please plan to join us for our Landlords Day on the Hill, Feb 5th.  Block off  from 10 – 1:30 for sure, but hopefully attendees can spend the whole day with us — from 8:30 AM in Room 304 to 2:30-5:00 at Quentin’s Bar and Deli, 506 E Grand Ave.

We will be sending “Calls to Action” specifically to those members whose legislator serves on these committees.   Please do take action when the messages arrive.

Iowa GA begins 2014 Session & The Mission of the IARPO-PAC Fund

In Iowa, the General Assembly convenes on the 2nd Monday in January, and the targeted durationJoe Kelly, Speaker Kraig Paulsen, Andrew Lietzow of each session is 100 days.    Every year, 152 elected officials who serve the State – 50 Senators, 100 Representatives, a Lt. Governor, and the Governor – convene and execute the business of State Governance.   It’s a wonder to behold.

For Rental Property Owners, Property Managers, and Real Estate Entrepreneurs, we typically meet for a formal “Day on the Hill” event each year — Scheduled this year, on Feb 5, 2014 — to contact our elected officials regarding issues of importance to two industries — the residential rental property industry and that of real estate entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in those industries.