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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Audio Interviews with Cynthia Schmidt, Andy Heller & Augie Byllot

An interview with Cynthia Schmidt regarding what she’ll be presenting on Jan 16 & 17.

An interview with Andy Heller regarding his presentations on Jan 16, 17 & 18.

And, an interview with Augie Byllot about what his presentation will be about on Jan 18 & 19.

For more information about our upcoming Annual Conference(s), check out (or for mobile devices), where you’ll find links to the latest schedule, a mail-in registration form, a link to our Youtube Channel, and online registration.    Many regionally recognized speakers, lots of opportunities for networking with like-minded peers, and fresh ideas about how to make profits through real estate investing in 2014, and beyond!

Action without Planning is the Leading Cause of Every Failure

Jack Canfield in Cherry Hill, NJ

Jack Canfield in Cherry Hill, NJ

The excitement is building — Cynthia Schmidt, Andy Heller, John Hyre, and Augie Byllot are coming!    (Audio interview with Cynthia Schmidt, after the jump at “Read More”).    I don’t know that we’ll ever be as good as Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison were here in Cherry Hill, NJ, but there’s no harm in trying, right?  (BTW, if you want to learn how to write a book, there is probably no better place to learn than at one of their events).

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IaREIA | Iowa Landlord Assn Joins *Fight for Air Climb* 2014

The IaREIA | ILA has been blessed with many outstanding vendor partners over the course of our greater

Support THE IaREIA High Climbers on March 16, 2014

than three decades of service to the rental property industry in Iowa.   Today we’re announcing a new vendor partner relationship with the Iowa Chapter of the American Lung Association, and more specifically, their Tobacco Free Partnership in Iowa.  The emphasis of that effort has been to encourage multi-family complexes all across Iowa to adopt Smoke Free Community Policies.

Representatives from the Iowa Chapter will be at our Dec 19 ILA “Lunch and Learn” meeting to explain more about the program, and to answer questions.  They will share more about the “Fight for Air Climb” taking place in Des Moines on March 16, 2014, which is a major fund raiser for the Iowa Lung Association.    IaREIA has formed a team for this event will be encouraging any Real Estate Investors to participate.   Be sure to click READ MORE if you want to listen to the audio recordings or see the YouTube video that will get you excited!!! — on the next page.