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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Power of Visualization, Revisited

Jack Canfield in Cherry Hill, NJ

Jack Canfield in Cherry Hill, NJ

Wallace D. Wattles wrote about it in 1910, in his quintessential classic “The Science of Getting Rich”. Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone and Paul J. Meyer made it a popular part of nearly every self-help book. John Assaraf has built an entire business, built on this one powerful concept, through his “dream boards”. And, in Cherry Hill, NJ today, Jack Canfield is reminding over 100 people from around the world about the power of visualization. Can you “visualize” 150 people coming to see Andy Heller, John Hyre, and Augie Byllot on January 16-19, 2014? Can you visualize yourself finding just one friend who wants to learn more about real estate investing, or is serious about taking their business to the next level?

Fair Housing Resource Center v. Gary & Helen Grybosky (Ohio case)

NREIA-Welcome Our first presenter at the National REIA Chapter Training here in Cincy was Kevin Coughlin, a veteran legislator, now forced out by the two term limit for Ohio Senators (of which, there are only 33).  The discussion focused on the need for lobbying, with the example of a case being litigated here in Ohio, about Fair Housing Testing – “Helen Grybosky vs. Fair Housing Resource Center”, an interesting 5-year long case.

The website for Kevin Coughlin is

(This particular photo features Scott Whaley, incoming President of National REIA, who was followed by Kevin Coughlin).

Achieving Excellence for our IaREIA Chapter

NREIA Staff Today’s session at the National REIA Chapter leadership training has just begun. About 50 of us have gathered, and your Executive Director is here to ensure we are both getting and giving the maximum in benefits for our members, across the entire state.

I’d better get back to it, yet I wanted to keep you all in the loop.

Got a question you would like me to ask? Send a text to 515-710-1955 and I’ll try to get an answer.

eFiling for Evictions coming to an Iowa county near you!

IA State Supreme Court BldgAs a Registered Filing agent, IaREIA (a/k/a the Iowa Landlord Association) is approved by the court to act primarily as a “typist”.   We can offer education about the process, primarily by pointing users to the documents provided by the court for small claims, Pro Se filers.   We are not licensed as an attorney and therefore offer no legal advice or opinions about your case.  We take the information you provide us and complete the required forms based on that information — nothing more, nothing less.

For every legal entity for which we assist our members in the EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) filing process, we must establish a unique account (for each member’s rentals business). Note that we can only provide this service to active members of the association, being constrained by the court.

Unique Filing Agent “An agent is an officer, employee, or non-lawyer representative of an entity such as a partnership, association, corporation or Tribe that is “otherwise authorized by law to be self-represented in small claims and specified civil court cases”.