DSM IaREIA | ILA District – Location Change – Aug 15 Mtg – 7:30AM

Principal Park-Skybox Entrance

Principal Park-Skybox Entrance – Take Elevator to Rm 401

The meeting location for Thursday’s 7:30-9:00AM meeting has changed to room 401, near home plate.

We need your reservation – Today! Text “YES” and head count to 515-255-0675.  We will register you.  See you Thursday!

Speakers will be Kevin Hathaway (he’s back for an encore!) with the Polk County Attorney’s office. Kevin works the “Indictable Misdemeanor Docket”, which most of our members know is the area under which Criminal Mischief falls. Preston Daniels, current landlord and realtor, is a past mayor of the City of Des Moines and will talk more about our statewide task force on this issue.

This initiative is a direct response to new language in 562A.17.6.  This may be the last meeting on this topic for the next five years, so … don’t miss this meeting if you want to be on top of this issue (which includes understanding the “Rules of Evidence”.

If you want the police and the County Attorney on YOUR side, you MUST understand the Rules of Evidence.  Without good evidence/documentation, the Police will not come out, they will not write up a citation, no detective will NOT call you about the damage, and NO County Prosecutors will be adding your case to their docket.  It’s just that simple, yet — we don’t want them always saying, “That’s a CIVIL matter; you’ll have to take them to small claims court”, when it could actually be a CRIMINAL matter).

A photo to the entrance on the south west corner of the ball park is posted here.

(P.S. We will be recording so bring your good questions and any photos. You may also email them to the office).