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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Judgments Bill – HF356 Moves to Senate Sub-Committee

Linda Matthews speaks re process service procedures Jan 17th.

Linda Matthews (Iowa Process Services) spoke Jan 17th, at a recent ILA Lunch and Learn, about official notice procedures in the State of Iowa. 

Rental property owners saw the pendulum take a big swing toward balance on March 25th of this week.  The House voted 97-0 (three members absent) to pass the bill, with the amendment H-1191.   

Promptly assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Chairmain Hogg subsequently assigned the bill to a subcommittee. Senator Rich Taylor is Chair (Lee, Henry, and a little of Washington, Jefferson), Sen. Nancy Boettger (Shelby, Monona, Crawford, Harrison, Ida, Woodbury), and Sen. Wally Horn  (Linn) serve on the this committee.

We are hoping for thoughtful study and a quick approval, prior to the April 5th deadline for the second funnel.


HF495 – Gaining momentum

HSB 28 becomes HF495 — Milestone reached yet … the work continuesIA State Supreme Court Bldg

It’s encouraging to see a vote of 21-0 for a study bill coming out of committee.   When the House Judiciary Committee voted yesterday, Joe Kelly posted the results nearly immediately.  “Good news, it passed!   Bad news, we have a long way to go!” (paraphrased).

Legislative efforts over next 10-15 days critical

In an interview with Joe Kelly on Friday, March 1st, Joe relates that the next couple of weeks are critical for our three main bills before the house – HF 184 (Occupancy), HF 356 (Judgments), and HSB 28 (Revisions to 562A).

That interview can be found on this page … (Only Members can access this page and you must be logged in for access).