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Monthly Archives: February 2013

HSB13 Advances – Extends Statue of Limitation for Rent Judgments

House Study Bill 13 is now HF 356. While it may need amending, something more fair and balanced is likely to find strong support from all Representatives & Senators

The House Judiciary Committee voted 12-8 to pass HSB13 our of committee and on to floor debate Tuesday, February 26.   Unfortunately, the vote went right down party lines.   We knew there was concern from some legislators as they believe elimination of the 2-year statute of limitation for a judgment for rent implied the validity was open-ended for collection, so they chose not to support it.

Our perspective is the “Implied 10 years” should become a “Statutory 10 years”.

Iowa House File 184 “Occupancy Bill” advances to floor debate

Top 7 reasons to support HF184 – The “Occupancy Bill”

We have posted a video (on Youtube) of the Sub-Committee meeting on HSB 9. Note that there were several good talking points presented at this meeting. (Unfortunately, the video battery died and I did not get the comments of the opposition, but know this … there were plenty of them, mostly from “college town” municipalities.
(Below we posted a message sent to Joe Kelly, shared with him by an anonymous “Jane” Doe.   It was so well written, we’re sharing it.   We highlight several important points.  The complete post can be found here.
Talking points about HF 184 are:
1. Limiting the number of people in a house increases the amount of rent one pays.
2. This issue of too many cars seems disingenuous when many families own several cars.

3. The objection to number of people seems centered around students and  I have found that students today will not share bedrooms; so they self limit their number.

4. This discriminates against people who choose not to marry.
5. If the tenants have to be related, what relationship is acceptable – cousins, second cousins, third cousin once removed, step and half siblings?
6.  Universities want students based on merit, or a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, at least we think so! (ACL, not Jane)
7.  Many cities are accepting parts of the International Property Maintenance Code which was written as a general guide to them, and the IPMC uses square footage to determine the number of occupants which seems to be the most reasonable. 
Hope this helps.  Jane

HSB9 – The Occupancy Bill – is now HF184

The vote on HSB9 Thursday afternoon, Feb 7, was 17-4, showing strong bipartisan support for this bill.   The bill now comes out of the House Judiciary Committee and is eligible for floor debate.    

Now there are two actions which we ask of members:

  • Call your House Representative and encourage their support of HF184, as revised (taking the reference to square footage out of the bill, but keeping the “unrelated persons” provision in the bill).