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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Register for our Legislative “Day on the Hill” – Feb 5, 2013

This is going to be your chance to make sure your Representative and Senator know you support these three bills, and you hope they will, too!

Register for our “Legislative Day on the Hill” today!   (Full schedule shown when you click the link).

(You’ll see more info when you click “Register”.    We need a head count ASAP so please register here even if you have already confirmed with Joe Kelly).

Joe Kelly & MLK, Jr Birthday Anniversary – A History Lesson

What do Joe Kelly and Martin Luther King, Jr. have in common?  … Lobbying

A reflection on the important role our members play in providing clean, affordable, well-maintained housing for all rental housing residents, in honor of  Martin Luther King’s Birthday Anniversay, 2013 — and in honor of 2-plus decades of lobbying by Joe Kelly…

Since 1990, the Iowa Landlord Association and Landlords of Iowa have retained Joe Kelly’ services for State Level Lobbying.

Two Rivers REIA – Jan 17th – Features Caleb Fritzler

Two Rivers REIA – Jan 17th meeting features Caleb Fritzler, Local Investor

Some of our most outstanding meetings feature a presentation by a local investor; one who musters the courage to get up in front of the group and tell their story.   It tends to be a personal story, often very inspiring for those in attendance.   What Caleb will share tomorrow night could be just want you need to hear, to spur you on to greater heights in 2013, in your own business.  We all want to step up our game to the next level, and sometimes we need just a little spark — which we can only get from absorbing the real world, personal story of another RE entrepreneur.  

You’ll find his introduction to what he’ll be sharing on the jump but I guarantee you … this is one you will not want to miss.  The best chairs await the early arrivals.   (There is limited seating, as many of you know!)

Iowa Landlord Assn Meeting – Jan 17th – Process Service

You won’t want to miss this exciting, 2013 kick-off meeting!

Mama Lacona’s will host our first ILA | IaREIA regularly scheduled meeting — Jan 17, 2013.    Barring any major snow storms, the meeting will run from 11-1:00PM.  Your meeting fee includes a great buffet of Mama Lacona’s great menu items.

Click here to register before NOON on Tuesday, to save 10% off the usual meeting fee of $20.

Reminder – EDMS Hands-On Workshops

Attn: ILA members in particular.  If you are a Pro Se filer in POLK County, or any of the other counties implementing EDMS soon, you may want to attend one of two “hands-on workshops”.

All 99 counties will, eventually, be using the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).  16 currently do.