Phase II Beta Test has begun – New website being rolled-out … now!

While a little premature, we’ve rolled into Phase II because, 1) we were nearing official launch, and, 2) a malware issue at website reared its ugly head
… if you’re using Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox browser.  That issue had not been resolved  as of 7:00AM Dec 8, so we made a decision to launch early.

The site is still under construction, so send us your suggestions!

Life can be messy (e.g. the City of Windsor Heights is suing the Iowa DOT?  Over webcams?   Surely you jest!).   Our administrative philosophy, however, for an organization of our type — is production over perfection.

Phase II of Beta Testing — What does that mean?

  • All members of the Iowa Landlord Association and Two Rivers REIA of Central IA should now be able to log in for  members only content.
  • All members have been assigned a unique login name and password.  The old login name and password, which was identical for all users, is no longer valid.
  • If you have trouble logging in, send an email message to or call the office at 515-255-0675.
  • Once logged in, you can change your password to what you prefer in your profile.
  • Extensive security is in place to lock out hackers, slackers, and ne’er-do-wells from the site.
  • We adding more content and value frequently.

This is only the beginning of what we hope will become an essential resource for Members of ILA – IaREIA – TRREIA.

An update on our planned additions:

  • User Forum (for Statewide and Local News) – Now installed (bbPress) and the rudiments of a discussion forum are in place.   See below for more info at the *.
  • Membership Lists — updated on a monthly basis – Available upon request for ILA since Dec 1.  We will soon post to the website, once we know we have lists for both associations up-to-date.
  • A Blogspot – Under Development.
  • Ability to list properties for Rent or for Sale – seeking input/suggestions from members.
  • Facebook widget for ILA – Has been updated and is now in place – Thank you Adam Cantrell!
  • Please “LIKE” our Facebook pages – For Iowa Landlord Association and Two Rivers REIA
  • Forms — which are compliant with requirements for interfacing with CIC and Tenant Technologies AND the Landlord/Tenant laws of Iowa.   Target date for completion remains January 1.
  • Forms — Printable with a new look and feel, as well as an upgrade on content – See previous.
  • Graphical schematic for the eviction timeline and process – Under Development
  • Video — Training videos, event videos, and fun videos – Under Development
  • And someone down the road — Online, multi-user management of our “Calls to Action” by district and/or issues captains – Under development.

Let us know what else we need!

Your association management team:

  • Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir
    • Brook Dell’Anna – Newsletter Prep
    • Amra Selimovic – Accounting and Payroll
    • Marjorie Sandner – Technical Writing and Design
    • Jennifer Green – Administrative Assistant
    • Adam Cantrell – IT Support

Announcements regarding some of our combined Steering Committee:

  • James Alan Smidt (Urbandale)  has agreed to stay on as Interim President of ILA and President of TRREIA.   Until someone comes forth for ILA, this James has agreed to serve with the responsibilities and privileges inherent within that position
  • Marc Gillette (SEIPO/Burlington District) has agreed to serve as Vice-President for ILA

* – Do you like to blog about Residential Rental Property issues in the State of Iowa?   Do you know someone who is perhaps homebound, but computer savvy?   The ILA – IaREIA – TRREIA is seeking a part-time employee who will help develop and oversee our blogging and forum space at for approximately 1-hour per day, 20-30 hours/month.

Please email the Executive Director if you know someone who might qualify.   The successful candidate will be someone who has a gift for copywriting, enjoys the Internet and social networking in that digital space, and is an advocate for rental property owners, property managers, and/or real estate entrepreneurs.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.