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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Welcome to the NEW and website

The old website, , for the Iowa Landlord Association is now being forwarded to this new website.  Don’t despair; it’s on purpose and 98% of what was there is here, plus a lot more.

Soon, the old website will point here, as well.

In order for technology to provide the highest benefits, it needs to serve us, not for us to be slaves to technolgy.   From an administration perspective, the technology of these older sites had association management serving it, rather than the websites serving us, and our members.   It was time for a change…

EDMS – Rental Property Owners/Managers in Polk County – Heads-up!

Built in 1906 at an original cost of $750,000. this building will see a lot less use by our members, beginning Jan 15, 2013.

On Jan 15, Polk County will officially switch to an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in compliance with the directive from Iowa Courts  Administration authorities.   For those who are computer savvy and have the right printing, scanning, and faxing equipment, the change will likely be welcomed.    It could be a significant time saver, and certainly helps one organize their filings, yet a steep learning curve could face those not familiar with online document storage.   Our members who are pro se filers should prepare now, not when it’s urgent to file a case for Eviction (FED) or for a money judgment.

Of our ILA members who attended the townhall-style introductory workshop December 19th, the feedback was positive, yet it took four seasoned veterans to explain the process. Our members came away feeling that the ILA may need to assist some members, otherwise they will need to hire an attorney or another service to process a simple small claim. The online

Phase II Beta Test has begun – New website being rolled-out … now!

While a little premature, we’ve rolled into Phase II because, 1) we were nearing official launch, and, 2) a malware issue at website reared its ugly head