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Our 150-Legislative District Strategy & Year End Wishes

Our 150-Legislative District Strategy is sprouting wings!   We’ve made tremendous strides forward in 2017; we’ve 10-X’ed our database from 850 to over 10,000 stakeholders.  Your staff has invested 100’s of hours and thousands of dollars to install a server to host our CRM (Act!), then make it accessible from any browser;  we’ve populated files then begun the never ending task of ensuring accuracy, and matching our industry stakeholders with their Senator and Representative — one  address at a time (cross-referenced with the Legislator lookup tool).

It’s been a five year dream and a very ambitious undertaking, yet we’re finally making serious headway.  National REIA invited several leaders to the National Apartment Association Advocacy conference in Washington D.C., in March of 2017.  Your Executive Director, the only attendee from Iowa, became inspired by a presentation by Bradford Fitch, a featured speaker.

In preparation for our Expo, we invited Bradford to address our attendees.

Congressional Management Foundation – Click image for 5-min Video Focusing on the Importance Role Constituents Play as Legislation is passed

Our recruiting effort has just begun, yet you don’t have to wait for our call  to become a volunteer “District Captain”.  Just let us know if you’re available for 2-8 hours during the Legislative Session, to serve the industry as an advocate.

The time commitment is an estimate, yet when we send a “Call to Action” we are positioning to become more proactive than we have ever been.  We need hundreds, and no time contribution is too small, nor too large!

Countdown to Iowa REI Expo 2017!

Our Iowa REI Expo 2017 is scheduled for October 26, 27, and 28. The first two days are primarily for Landlords and Property Managers, while from Friday evening until Saturday at 6:00, we’re focused on the Real Estate Entrepreneurs. We have two events this year which are free and open to the public — Mr. Landlord Jeffrey Taylor at 7:00PM on Thursday, and Brittney Calloway at 7:00PM on Friday. All other events are included with your registration fee.  You can register for the event, and get full information at This event, from start to finish, is designed to give our attendees tremendous value in each and every session! Check it out, get your questions answered, then — scoot on over to the link and get registered before the early bird discounts are gone!!! By registering online, you can use coupon code <37 years> if registering for the full event.


We need to replenish our Iowa Rental Property Owners Political Action Campaign fund – the IARPO-PAC.  The 1st Session of the 87th General Assembly was a productive one for our stakeholders; the occupancy bill was passed, bringing positive results to our over six years of advocacy.

For those who benefit from HF134 the impact will be exceptionally positive.  But we have a lot more work to do on other issues.   Here is a current listing.

RAGBRAI 2017 is just around the corner – from July 23-29, 2017 – and we’re going to use the world’s largest bike touring event to rebuild our PAC fund war chest.  We need riders to participate, to attract sponsors, and we need sponsors to make PAC fund donations.

Tax Treatment of Damage or Security Deposits

Accounting is not that difficult, if you do things right!

The IRS is very (well, kind of) clear about the treatment of damage or security deposits.  The agency does not recommend the owner treat receipt of deposits as income, whether you use cash or accrual as your method of accounting.  (See Topic 414 – Rental Income & Expenses, paragraph Rental Income).

Iowa Law requires rental deposits be held in a separate account, which may be a trust account.  It’s not only a good practice it has become the law.  And, if you’re a third-party manager, it must be a trust account as is subject to audit by IREC.   But that is not our question.  The question came up, “How should the receipt of deposits be treated in the chart of accounts?”

Creative Real Estate Investing Class — Dec 10 — sold out!

We’ve been wanting to offer a high-quality, interactive class like this one — with a comprehensive student manual, PowerPoint(tm) and video, with 8-hrs of REALTOR(tm) and PHP CEU’s — for over a decade!

James Alan Smidt was our instructor.   This first offering was held at the IaREIA-ILA office, and intentionally kept small to ensure class participants would enjoy the benefits of personal interaction, and to make sure the course was a good fit for beginner to intermediate real estate investors.

While it was a tight fit in our small-ish conference room, and the first, icy snow fall of the season a bit distressing, the immediate feedback was very encouraging!