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(Note: We’ve just added “Dwolla” as a payment option and we would prefer that option over using a Credit or Debit Card.    If you have questions, let us know but you may want to consider this as a payment option for tenants to pay rent, as well.   Only $.25 per transaction (that’s 25 cents not dollars)!

We truly appreciate your paying online (even if late, and even though it costs us money!) as it saves time at check-in — precious time when we should be greeting attendees, meeting guests, finding your name badge, etc.

Our hosts need a head count two days before the event so this is why we do this! 

Steps to make this easy:

  1. Choose from the Drop-down box whether you’re prepaying, with or without the discount.   Don’t make us embarrass you at check-in – choose accurately!
  2. Once you click “Add to Cart”, you’ll be directed to an “Iowa Landlord Association” shopping cart.   Make sure it has the green “Paypal, Inc [US]” with the secure lock showing in the URL bar, so you know your info is secured by 128-bit encryption technology.   (It’s much safer than handing your card to our check-in person.  You might leave and forget your card!)
  3. Take a second to observe the item description.  Make sure you have chosen the correct item.
  4. Note the quantity.  You can change this.  Simply enter the number of tickets you want, then click “Update”.   Chose the wrong item?  — then simply click “Remove” and the system will remove it.    Press the “Continue Shopping” button, then the “View Cart” button.   Take some time to get familiar with how our shopping cart system works.  You’ll soon be an expert!
  5. If you do NOT have a account, choose Check Out.  (117 million people do — we highly recommend you get one — the Internet is not going away and once you have one, you’ll enjoy the savings you often get when buying online!)
  6. If you DO have a Paypal account then choose Check Out with Paypal.
  7. If you chose “Check Out” but you DO have a Paypal account, you’re doing it wrong.  They will make both of our lives  miserable.  Your credit card will be denied (since they believe you have STOLEN the card you’re using).  It’s a security measure.  Makes sense that the owner of the card would know whether they have a Paypal account, right?   So, this is in your best interest.  Paypal costs you nothing to use, and it’s very fast to use your credit card when you have a Paypal account — you don’t have to key in all your info.  You just pick whether you want to have it debit your bank account,  which card you want to use, etc.
  8. If you chose “Check Out” and you do NOT have a Paypal account, then you’re doing it right.  Just enter your info and bingo, it will record your payment and you’re in!

It’s just that easy.

Thank you for helping us to help you, so we can have a strong organization of direct benefit to you as a rental property owner or manager.

ILA Lunch & Learn

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ILA - Lunch & Learn RegistrationDiscount available up to NOON TUESDAY before the event. Pick from drop down.

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"Dwolla" has been added as a payment method. We prefer this method, as the processing fees are substantially less. Dwolla user? Then you already know what to do. If paying before NOON TUESDAY.

Pay Now w/Dwolla

Should you have any difficulty at all, please feel free to email us or call the office at 515-255-0675.

Special note:  Should you abandon a purchase, the next time you return here, the shopping cart may still have that item in your cart.  It’s real smart and wants to pick up where you left off!   Just “Remove” what you don’t want then update with the correct items.

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