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Our Mission


To be the essential resource for improving member performance and creating a business environment favorable to residential rental property owners, managers, real estate entrepreneurs, and our industry stakeholders.


  • WHO WE ARE: After 34 years as the Iowa Landlord Association (ILA), and 8 years as Two Rivers REIA of Central Iowa (TRREIA), we are merging these two organizations under one umbrella organization – IaREIA.   We’re also focused on three primary benefits Education, Legislation, and Member Benefits (ELM).   Both organizations now form a Chapter of the National REIA (NaREIA) and we are forming an alliance with the American Rental Property Owners and Landlords Association (ARPOLA).
  • The ELM parts of ILA and TRREIA are now addressed by IaREIA – The Iowa Real Estate Investors Association.   
  • OUR NATIONAL AFFILIATIONS:  National REIA, with over 40,000 members, 200+ affiliate groups, and 30+ Chapters across the US,  provides outstanding education and networking opportunities for our members.  Both national groups provide educational opportunities, association leadership training, national lobbying, and services that simply would not be available were we not a member.  In addition, we are continually enhancing our relationships with our Tier-1 “National Account” Vendor Partners and with our Standard Vendor Partners — to increase value for our members.
  • WHO WE SERVE: We serve Rental Property Owners and Property Managers of residential rental property across Iowa, from the Missouri to the Mississippi – through the Iowa Landlord Association.   We serve real estate entrepreneurs, from the Missouri to the Mississippi – through Two Rivers REIA.   In those areas where we do not currently offer district meetings, we offer membership in IaREIA.
  • OUR MEMBERS and MEMBERSHIPS:  Our members include affiliated industry stakeholders — those who are in the Residential Rental and Investment Property Industries, and those who serve those industries.  Some members join the ILA, others join TRREIA, and still others join IaREIA — which is our “At Large” membership for those who live more than 60 miles from a local, district meeting.   You’ll find more details under membership type.
  • SCOPE OF SERVICE:  Our associations are extending our outreach across Iowa primarily to enhance our effectiveness at the State General Assembly level.   We have a 50-Senate District and 100-House District strategy to accomplish our objectives, so we serve members across the entire state.    Because many rental property owners are looking for new and creative ways to expand their real estate investment portfolio (best accomplished by being a member of ILA) and to create income generating opportunities (best accomplished by being a member of TRREIA), and both groups benefit from fair and balanced legislation at the State Level, we are stretching out our tent stakes from “River to River”.    No other organization in the state offers this mix of opportunity for networking.  
  • STATEWIDE LOBBYING: Through the Iowa Rental Property Owners Political Action Committee (IARPO-PAC) and our lobbying activities, we assist in the creation and modification of State Laws for a fair and balanced approach to benefit our members.
  • LOCAL LOBBYING THROUGH DISTRICT GROUPS: Through “District Sub-Groups”, that can operate like a franchise, we help local leaders to be freed up to focus on their local issues.   Instead of being burdened with administrative headaches, which will accrue to any organization over time, we enable our District leaders to focus on what really matters — helping their groups deal with local ordinances and education for members to help members become, or remain, successful.   We feel this is a more effective business model, reducing tensions between “competing” chapters.  We strive to create a “we’re all in this together” attitude.
  • ASSISTANCE TO OUR DISTRICTS:  The daily grind for administrative responsibilities can be overwhelming.    We serve to assist, not to control.  Though there are many administrative functions which  are handled better with centralized authority, responsibility, and accountability, we come to our district meetings with the commitment to “assist” local leadership, not to take over.   We couldn’t be nearly as effective without local leadership!
  • MEMBERS ONLY & ONLINE DOCUMENTS: As an active member, you will have access to numerous forms and association trademarked assets which aid members in running a rental property business.  Premium forms and products are available, providing “best in class” resources to run your business at an even higher level.  Our forms are now “online” through Tenant Technologies.   For more information, contact the office.
  • EDUCATION and CERTIFICATIONS: We provide for our members the nationally recognized “Professional Housing Provider” (PHP) certification (a NaREIA-sponsored program) of 60-hours and (soon) our own “Iowa Certified Housing Provider” certification (IaCHP) (36-hours), designed for owners and managers of Iowa residential property.  (We expect to roll out the the IaCHP program in the fall of 2014).
  • AFFILIATE MEMBERS:  Our Master Vendor Partners, Vendor Partners and Vendor Affiliates offer products and services of direct benefit for members.  We screen our vendor partners to ensure that professional services and high quality products are being provided to our members, yielding a “Speed of Trust” dividend for those who do business with our Vendor Partners.


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