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City of Des Moines

Population 2016 – 215,472, Metro Statistical Area (2014) – 611,549
Neighborhood Inspections –  General Phone # (515) 283-4046
Rental Housing Inspection – List of Fees – 2016.08.30
Rental Housing Inspection – List of Fees – 2014.10.26

Community Development Organizational Chart – 2012

Ordinances relating to Rental Housing

At our Fall Conference 2012 the Des Moines Neighborhood Inspection Division presented information for Landlords and Property Mgrs. to help us stay informed.  SuAnn Donovan (Chief Administrator) has been a featured speaker, along with some of the staff at NID, several times since then.

If you’re going to offer rental housing in the City of Des Moines, you must know the ropes as the fines can be unbelievable!

Maintaining an occupancy permit is neither trivial, nor optional.  As part of our new IaCHP designation, we offering classroom education on Municipal Codes for Des Moines, which are similar to 17 other cities in Iowa with a population of over 25,000.


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