Our wide range of diversity in membership is one of our greatest assets!

Networking leads to personal POWER in your RE investing business!

How to Sleep Better, without Bed Bugs, or Lease Concerns …

Rental property owners and managers have so much risk from just being in the rental property business.  Why not eliminate the risk of using a lease in which you are not confident that it will be held in high regard by the courts?

Several recent court cases, originating out of Iowa City, are drawing fire from tenants to the level of class action suits.   And, our side is taking a major hit as a result.

I just what to share how grateful I am to our members who have supported their business, and our association, by purchasing our “Premium Iowa Lease”.  10 copies for $25, or 5 copies for $15. Those fees, now from dozens of RPO’s, help offset the legal expense for creation of those documents.

While we do ask users of IaREIA-ILA forms to sign a “Members Agreement for use of Association Forms”, in exchange, we promise to update existing inventory if there is a legal challenge that causes a member to lose in court, because of  such use,

The forms must be used as-is, and there are other conditions, but we offer indemnification from loss up to $1,000, should a user lose a case in court because of a provision in our lease which does not prevail.

We expect to release our “Multi-family Pest Control Addendum” soon, and every attendee who was at our April 18, 2013, meeting, will get a copy for free.   I expect this will be shortly after our October 27 meeting, at which Jeffrey Lipman will be our featured speaker.   His topic will be on Bed Bugs.

Check our calendar for his credentials.  We are ver fortunate to have him speak, as he spends more time litigating in Texas and California, than Iowa.  Learn what you need to do to prevent law suits!!!



A truly phenomenal weekend of learning …

We want to take a brief moment to say thank you to the participants in what was truly a phenomenal weekend of very advanced training on investment analysis.  MPactWealth provided what was arguably the most advanced risk analysis and asset management training, through the power of financial analysis tools developed by George Antone, we have ever had.   I’ve never seen a real estate investor workshop which offered more experiential group activities and totally hype-free training.  The result was learning how to use practical, yet very powerful methods to acquire decision making skills to think like the top 1% of investors.

PaulRosannoThis weekend was our “Fall Educational Seminar” and … way to go Paul Rosanno and Justin French — you two knocked it out of the park for us!

And way to go IaREIA members for hanging in there for nearly 18 intensive hours with a workshop that will dramatically improve participants lifestyles, if the principles learned are applied.     With the free investment analysis tools provided, and the advanced training in which many invested, the average level of investment success for our members will no doubt shoot up dramatically!

Dupont financial modeling applied to the ROE and Risk Management needs of investors in real estate — we loved it!

The case for development of RE investor leaders, all across Iowa

Left to Right: Scott Whaley, President NREIA, Leslie Couture, admin assistant, and Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir, both with IaREIA-ILA.

Left to Right: Scott Whaley, President NREIA, Leslie Couture, admin assistant, Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir, IaREIA & Iowa Landlord Association.

For nearly three decades National Real Estate Investors Association (NREIA) has offered an opportunity for affiliated associations to compete for “Awards of Excellence” and well as “Honors of Merit”.  All awards are presented at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference, in June of each year.   Some previous venues for this conference were Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Minneapolis, in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, respectively, and we have had one or two representatives at each.  While it is mandatory that at least one leader from each Chapter attend, we love it when other leaders participate. Interested? Let us know!

This year, our representatives were Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir, and Leslie Couture, who joined IaREIA in 2015, as an administrative assistant.

Summer Location, Day of Month change for IaREIA & ILA Meetings

The Cub Club at Principal Park, 1 Line Drive, Des Moines.

The Cub Club at Principal Park, 1 Line Drive, Des Moines.

RE: Our meetings for Central Iowa Investors.  We’re changing things a bit, for the Summer months.

ILA subgroup Meeting:  Holiday Inn first, then two months at the Cub Club, 1 Line Drive for ILA — Meeting starts at 8:00 with a Breakfast Buffet.

Two Rivers REIA subgroup Meeting: Holiday Inn first, then one month at the Cub Club in for July.  Meeting starts at 5:30 PM.  August is T/B/D.

WHEN: 4th Tuesday of every month, beginning April 28th, 2015 but check the Calendar at www.IaREIA.org for details.  And if you’re not signed up on our email list server, why not be registered?   We make all announcements via email regarding speakers, topics, and any required changes in venues or times.   Open a F-R-E-E account today! — at www.IaREIA.org.

Note:  TRREIA meeting is one-half hour earlier.

PRE-REGISTRATION:  We need everyone to Pre-Register by Tuesday of the week before at www.IaREIA.org.



Iowa REI Expo 2015 – Systems Trump Willpower!

Post for IaREIAOur annual opportunity to … Sharpen.  Focus.  Renew.  Revive.  Trumpet “Hello!”  Extend “Welcome”!!   Inspire and be Inspired!!!

Make new connections.  Learn to save, earn, experience something life changing.  All focused on the POWER of Residential Real Estate Investing and finding new ways to GROW!

What’s that you say?  The Iowa REI Expo 2015?  What’s the heck is a REI Expo?  It’s THE Iowa Real Estate Investors Expo to attend in 2015 — whether you can, or cannot attend any other.  In fact, there will be nothing else like it in 2015, or ever again!!!

WHAT:  Our Annual Conference and Expo is when Real Estate Investors Unite for Success!  We’ll get together to learn from each other, and from over 17 outstanding speakers!  We’ll learn not only how to survive, but to THRIVE!!!

WHERE:  The Meadows at Prairie Meadows, 1 Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona (Des Moines), Iowa

WHEN: March 19-20, and March 21-22.  Pick from multiple options, and custom designed tracks just for YOU!

DETAILS:  Pick from …

  • Full Event (which includes all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and if you choose, Sunday morning — see Event Page to get Sunday’s PM training class for F-R-E-E!)   The Full Event does not include the Property Management training courses on Thursday, which must be purchased separately.
  • Saturday Only Event (which includes Thursday night 5:00-8:30 + Friday from 4:30 – 6:00 + All Day Saturday)
  • Track A – Thursday AM – Property Management – “Housing Code 101” – 8-10
  • Track A – Thursday AM – Property Management –  “Quickbooks for Property Managers” – 10-12
  • Track B – See the Schedule — Track B is on the right and if you’re not taking the property mgmt classes, this is the track you’ll be on.
  • If you choose Track A on Thursday, you will be entitled to a DVD of Track B.  We will mail this to you, after the event, for no extra charge, unless something catastrophic precludes our ability to do so.
  • The Thursday night (7:00-8:30) event is F-R-E-E and open to the public.  The Friday night event, from 4:30-6:00 is also F-R-E-E and open to the public.  All other events and classes are “Ticketed” events.

THE AGENDA:   The full 3.5 day Schedule of Events.

The easiest way to register is to:

You’ll find more details at www.Expo.IaREIA.com.    See you there!