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IaREIA - Iowa Landlord Association Conference in Council Bluffs - Oct 16-18

Senator Gronstal, Majority Leader of the Iowa Senate — Speaks at the IaREIA – Iowa Landlord Association Conference in Council Bluffs – Oct 16-18

On our first evening of our Fall Educational Conference 2014 in Council Bluffs, Senator Gronstal spent significant time with real estate investor leaders in Iowa.  He fielded questions about, 1) legislative priorities2) term limits, and 3) a brief discussion of eFiling services for members a complaint filed about the “Unauthorized Practice of Law”.

Sen. Gronstal felt very relaxed with our group.  He reminded us of the importance of building relationships with our Senators and Representatives, whether seasoned incumbents or brand new this next session.

The value of having contacts with a great deal of experience in public office was evident.   He left with a reminder that our Senators and Representatives need to hear from us because we are their best industry contacts.  We’re the most informed, continually sharping our skill set with education, and vigilant in building positive relationships which is beneficial for our industry constituents in Iowa and Nebraska, too!

Jeff Watson, Lobbyist at the National Level (for NREIA) Interview

On October 8th, 2014, Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir of IaREIA & Iowa Landlord Association obtained an update from our lobbyist who represents members of National REIA, at the Federal Level. He reports on work undertaken helping Landlords and Real Estate Entrepreneurs keep legislation fair and balanced, and to “do no more harm” to our rental and investor businesses in America.

Included in the message were comments about our need to engage with elected (Federal) representatives on such subjects as:

Landlords, RE Investors Uniting for Success in Council Bluffs/Omaha District

(Quick link to more info on this event at www.IaREIA2014.com) The population of Council Bluffs, Iowa was 62,230 at the 2010 census.  Omaha, though

Landlords Halloween Tales of Horror event is at 12:30 on Friday.

Landlords Halloween Tales of Horror event is at 12:30 on Friday.

10 years younger, boasts a significantly larger population of 803,120.  The two combined form the 60th largest Metro area in the US, with a population of 865,350 residents.

There has been no affiliate of National REIA in that area for the years since Two Rivers REIA started operations in 2006.  That’s about to change, and to kick-off our efforts to begin an affiliate of NREIA in Council Bluffs, IaREIA

Dan Firestone & CIC – Background checks worth the money?

Dan FirestoneIn this interview, conducted July 29, 2014, Andrew Lietzow with IaREIA-ILA interviews Dan Firestone.

Topics discussed:

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act and and the simple steps property managers can take to eliminate any concerns about compliance with the administrative requirements
  • How landlords can establish tenant screening and applicant scoring procedures that are objective and non-discriminatory.   This helps ensure that any Fair Housing Advocate concerns about disparate impact and potential discrimination claims should not be an issue.

IaREIA Receives 2014 “Government Affairs” Award from National REIA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  June 21, 2014.  Des Moines, Iowa.

The Iowa Real Estate Investors Association (IaREIA) received recognition for outstanding work in Government Affairs during the National REIA 2014 Mid-Year Leadership Conference in Denver, Colorado on June 21, 2014.Plaque

The award is an Honor of Merit Award in the category for Government Affairs.  Awards are presented for three group sizes — Small, Medium, and Large — in seven categories:

  • Government Affairs
  • Community Service
  • Membership Development
  • Print Communications
  • Electronic Communications
  • Convention & Vendor Trade Show
  • Education

IaREIA was the Medium Group Winner for 2014.  (Click “Read More” for additional information). 

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